Railway Apprentice Medical Fitness Certificate - Format, Download Process, Importance

The Indian Railways offers apprenticeship programs every year for candidates interested in working with the railways. As part of the recruitment process, candidates are required to submit several documents including a medical fitness certificate. 

This certificate indicates that the candidate meets the minimum medical standards required for the apprenticeship program as per the Apprentices Act, 1961. Recently, the Railway Recruitment Cell released the medical fitness certificate format for apprentice candidates who have been selected for admission in the Eastern and Western Railway zones. 

This article provides an overview of the railway apprentice medical fitness certificate, the details required to be filled, and the process to download the certificate format.

Details Required in the Medical Fitness Certificate

The medical fitness certificate requires the candidate to fill in several personal details including:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Father's name
  • Category (General/SC/ST/OBC)
  • Date of birth/age
  • Trade and name of workshop/unit
  • Permanent identification mark
  • Signature of the medical officer
  • Name of the medical officer
  • Registration number of medical officer

In addition, the medical officer conducting the examination needs to certify if the candidate is fit as per the standards prescribed for the concerned trade under the Apprentices Act.

Railway Medical Fitness Certificate Format

The railway medical fitness certificate format is available for download from the official websites of the Railway Recruitment Cell of the respective railway zones. For example:

  • For Western Railway apprentices, the format is available on rrc-wr.com
  • For Eastern Railway apprentices, the format is available on rrcer.com

The format contains information about the medical standards required for candidates as per the Apprentices Act, 1961. Some key points are:

  • Candidates must be free from infectious diseases like tuberculosis, skin conditions, respiratory issues etc.
  • Minimum distant vision should be 6/6 or 6/9 with glasses if required.
  • Hearing should be normal and free from defects.
  • Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen should be free from any disease.
  • No hernia or piles issues.
  • Free from issues like epilepsy, mental illness etc.
Railway Zone Download Link for Medical Certificate
Western Railway rrc-wr.com
Eastern Railway rrcrecruit.co.in

Process to Download the Medical Fitness Certificate

Follow these steps to download the medical fitness certificate format:

  1. Go to the official website of the RRC of your railway zone.
  2. Find the latest apprentice recruitment notification.
  3. Look for the link to download the medical fitness format.
  4. Download the PDF file and take a print out.
  5. Get the certificate completed by an authorized medical officer.
  6. Submit it during document verification as per instructions.

Candidates should ensure they download the latest certificate format as released for the current recruitment drive. Any old formats may not be accepted. The certificate needs to be submitted within the stipulated time as per the notification.

Importance of Medical Fitness Certificate

The medical fitness certificate is a critical document in the railway apprentice recruitment process. Here's why it is important:

  • It certifies that the candidate meets the minimum medical standards required for the job.
  • Ensures the candidate is medically fit to perform the roles and responsibilities.
  • Helps eliminate candidates with serious medical ailments unsuitable for the job.
  • Essential to ensure safety of candidates as well as railway operations.
  • Weeds out candidates who provide fake or forged medical certificates.

Therefore, candidates must get their medical examination done only at authorized hospitals and submit a genuine medical certificate.


The railway apprentice medical fitness certificate is a mandatory document in the recruitment process. Candidates need to download the format, get the certificate issued by a medical officer, and submit it on time. The certificate must conform to the guidelines of the Apprentices Act. It ensures candidates are medically fit for selection as per the required standards of physical fitness for the job role.


Q1: Which doctors can issue the medical fitness certificate?

A1: The certificate must be issued by a medical officer authorized by the Central/State government. Generally, an Assistant Surgeon rank officer from a government hospital is authorized to issue it.

Q2: Can I submit an old medical certificate from previous years?

A2: No, the medical fitness certificate must be recent and as per the latest format applicable for the current recruitment notification.

Q3: Where do I need to submit the medical certificate?

A3: It needs to be submitted during the document verification stage as per the instructions provided in the recruitment notification.

Q4: Can I edit anything after getting the medical certificate?

A4: No tampering or editing is allowed in the printed certificate issued by the medical officer. Any overwriting or correction will make the certificate invalid.

Q5: How long is the medical certificate valid for?

A5: The medical certificate is generally valid only for the duration of the current recruitment process for which it is issued. For subsequent recruitments, a new certificate will be required.

Q6: Can I get a re-examination done if declared unfit?

A6: Yes, if you are declared medically unfit, you can get a re-examination done from the issuing medical authority and submit an updated certificate. However, it must be within the stipulated time as per notification.