Alagappa University Exam Fees 2023

Alagappa University charges exam fees for semester exams across its departments, affiliated colleges, and distance education programs. The exam fees vary depending on the program. The deadline for paying exam fees online is specified by the university. Late payment charges apply post the deadline.

Exam fees can only be paid online through the university's website. Candidates need to login using their credentials, fill out any additional required fields, and make the payment digitally.

Important Details - Alagappa University Exam Fees
Program Fees
UG/Diploma/Certificate (Theory/Practical per paper) Rs. 250
PG (Theory per paper) Rs. 300

Distance Education Fees

The exam fees for distance education programs offered by Alagappa University are:

Program Fees
UG/Diploma/Certificate Rs. 250 per paper (Theory/Practical)
PG (Theory per paper) Rs. 300

Additional fees for certificates, late submissions etc. also apply.

Affiliated Colleges

The exam fees for programs offered by Alagappa University's affiliated colleges are:

Program Fees
UG Theory Rs. 75 per paper
PG Theory Rs. 150 per paper

Additional fees for certificates, late submissions etc. also apply.

Payment Process

The step-by-step process to pay Alagappa University exam fees online is:

Step Action
1 Visit university website
2 Click exam fee payment link
3 Login and make payment

It is mandatory to pay the fees online before the deadline to avoid late charges.


Alagappa University students need to pay exam fees every semester. The fees vary across programs and mode of study. Payment is online before a set deadline. Additional fees apply for late submission, certificates etc.


Q1: What is the exam fee for PG theory paper?

A1: The exam fee for PG theory paper is Rs. 300 per paper.

Q2: How can exam fees be paid?

A2: Exam fees can only be paid online through the university's website before the deadline.

Q3: Do late submission fees apply?

A3: Yes, late submission fees of Rs. 500 for every 6 months apply for projects and dissertations.

Q4: What is the fee for UG practical exam?

A4: The fee for UG practical exam of 3 hours is Rs. 90 per paper.

Q5: Are exams fees same for regular and private candidates?

A5: No, private candidates have to pay Rs. 500 as convocation/certificate fee while regular candidates pay Rs. 350.

Q6: Can fee be paid offline?

A6: No, Alagappa University allows only online fee payment on the university website.


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