Amazon Assessment VWT Questions & Answers 2023

The Amazon Versant test assesses a candidate's ability to communicate effectively in English. It evaluates complex language usage, proper syntax, and more across 5 sections:

Important Details - Amazon Versant Test Sections
Section Description
A - Typing Typing a passage of text accurately within 60 seconds
B - Finish the Sentence Fixing grammar in a sentence within 25 seconds
C - Narration Repeating back phrases heard within 25 seconds
D - Reconstruct Paragraph Rebuilding the meaning of a passage within 90 seconds
E - Writing Emails Writing a 100 word email based on a prompt

Tips for Passing the Versant Test

  • Carefully read prompts twice for clarity
  • Structure emails to directly address prompts
  • Use words carefully due to tight word counts
  • Proofread for spelling/grammar errors

Candidates preparing for the Versant should familiarize themselves with question types, focus on communication skills, and practice timed responses.

Practicing Communication Skills

Since the Versant test evaluates English communication ability, candidates should work on:

Skill How to Improve
Accurate typing Practice typing passages against the clock
Grammar rules Review common grammar mistakes and fixes
Comprehension Read complex passages and rephrase key ideas
Summarization Practice identifying and articulating main points
Written communication Draft sample emails for different purposes

Building these core skills through targeted practice can help prepare for the Versant sections.

Handling Time Pressure

As a timed test, an important part of Versant prep is working under pressure. Tips include:

Tip Rationale
Timed practice tests Get comfortable with tight sections
Prioritization strategies Focus on key details first
Relaxation techniques Reduce test anxiety

With timed repetition, candidates can develop the speed and accuracy needed to excel in the Versant.


Thorough Versant preparation combining skill-building, time management tactics, and practice tests is key to successfully passing Amazon's language assessment. Candidates should understand test sections, communication demands, and strategies to showcase abilities under pressure.


Q1: What are the Amazon Versant test sections?

A1: There are 5 sections - Typing, Finish the Sentence, Narration, Reconstruct Paragraph, and Writing Emails. Each assesses different English communication skills under tight time limits.

Q2: How can I practice for the Versant test?

A2: Take timed practice tests, build core skills like typing accuracy, grammar rules, reading comprehension, summarization, and written communication through targeted exercises.

Q3: What is the best way to tackle time pressure on the Versant?

A3: Get comfortable with tight sections by taking practice tests against the clock. Develop prioritization approaches to focus on key details first. Learn relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety.

Q4: How long should my email response be in the writing section?

A4: You need to write an email of approximately 100 words based on the prompt in the writing section. Be clear, concise, and directly address the instructions.

Q5: Can I go back to check my work in previous sections?

A5: No, the Versant test interface does not allow going back to work on earlier sections due to the timed nature. You have to complete work within each section's duration.

Q6: What English language skills does the Versant test target?

A6: It evaluates language comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, verbal communication, summarization, writing coherence, typing accuracy and speed - overall ability to understand instructions and clearly convey information.


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