Applying for original degree certificates from Osmania University (OU) in 2023.

applying for original degree certificates from Osmania University (OU) in 2023. It mentions that registration for convocation certificates has started on the university website

The key details include:

  • Process to apply for OU original degree certificates online if unable to collect at convocation
  • Instructions for registering and submitting application on official website
  • Required documents like Aadhaar card, passport, address proof etc.
  • Format specifications for scanned copies to be uploaded

The article aims to guide candidates who did not receive their OU degree certificates, on how to apply for the same online this year.

Important Details - OU Degree Certificate Application

Particulars Details
University Name Osmania University
Official Website

OU Degree Certificate Eligibility

The OU original degree certificate is available only for those candidates who were unable to collect their certificates during the convocation.

The article mentions it is a one-time registration process valid for applying for multiple UG, PG and Diploma certificates obtained from the university.

Eligibility Criteria Remarks
Did not receive degree certificate during convocation Mandatory
One-time registration Can apply for multiple certificates

The instructions specify providing accurate details as per the certificates while registering on the portal.

Registration Process

Candidates have to register on the examination portal of the OU website. The key steps include:

  • Enter valid mobile number
  • Upload documents like Aadhaar card or passport in specified format
  • Add one photo within allowed size limit
  • Register and submit application for degree certificate
Registration Steps Guidelines
Enter mobile number Should be valid and unique
Upload Aadhaar card/passport .jpg format, size within 500kb
Add photograph Maximum 75 kb size

Authenticating using Aadhaar card for Indians and passport for NRIs is necessary.

Application Process

Candidates can submit their OU degree certificate application by:

  1. Visiting the official website
  2. Going to the certificate section
  3. Checking if any notice regarding application is available
  4. Reading instructions carefully before proceeding
  5. Applying through the online link provided
Application Steps Instructions
Visit official website
Check certificate section For latest notices
Read application instructions Carefully before applying

The application for OU degree original certificate is only available online, there is no offline submission.

Additional Information

Some other notable points regarding the OU degree certificate application are:

  • Registration requires valid email ID and mobile number
  • Credentials will be sent to registered mobile number
  • Scanned copies of necessary documents should be ready before applying
  • File size limit for documents is 50 MB
Additional Tips Remarks
Provide valid email ID & mobile number Required for registration
Credentials on registered mobile number Keep user ID & password handy
Documents scan copies ready Before starting application

By following the instructions and steps outlined here, candidates will be able to successfully register and apply for their OU original degree certificates online.


The notification on Osmania University website guides candidates who were unable to collect degree certificates, on applying for original certificates online in 2023. By registering on the examination portal, providing requisite details, uploading documents and submitting the application form as per specified process, they can obtain their OU degree original certificates now.


Q1: What are the documents required for OU online degree certificate application?

A1: The documents required are:

  • Aadhaar card (for Indians)
  • Passport (for NRIs)
  • Address proof
  • Any other necessary certificates

Q2: How to register for OU online degree certificate portal?

A2: Steps for registration:

  1. Enter valid mobile number on portal
  2. Upload Aadhaar/passport in .jpg format within size limit
  3. Add photograph within specified size
  4. Register with credentials and submit application

Q3: What details are required during OU degree certificate registration?

A3: During registration, candidates need to provide:

  • Name as per certificates
  • Parents names
  • Valid mobile number and email ID
  • Aadhaar or passport number for authentication

Q4: How can one submit OU degree certificate application?

A4: Steps to apply for OU degree certificate:

  1. Go to website
  2. Check certificate section for latest notices
  3. Read instructions carefully
  4. Apply through online link provided
There is no offline application submission.

Q5: What is the file size limit for documents upload?

A5: Scanned copies to be within 50 MB overall file size limit, while individual file size limits are:

  • Aadhaar/Passport: 500 kb
  • Photograph: 75 kb

Q6: How can one access OU degree certificate credentials?

A6: The credentials to access the portal will be sent to the registered mobile number after successful registration. Users must keep the user ID and password handy for future reference.