Bihar BSSC Stenographer Salary 2023

The Bihar BSSC Stenographer salary 2023 starts at Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/- per month. The annual package is likely to be Rs. 2,40,000/- plus additional benefits and allowances. Employees have opportunities for promotion and career growth based on seniority and experience.

Important Details - BSSC Stenographer Salary Structure
Component Amount
Monthly Salary Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-
Annual Package Rs. 2,40,000/- plus

Allowances and Perks

In addition to the basic salary, BSSC Stenographers get additional benefits and allowances such as:

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Other special allowances
Allowance Details
House Rent Allowance Fixed percentage of basic pay
Dearness Allowance Revised periodically for inflation

These allowances and perks are in addition to the basic pay scale and annual package mentioned above.

Promotion and Career Growth

BSSC Stenographers have good opportunities for promotion and career advancement over time based on:

  • Work performance
  • Experience gained
  • Expertise developed
Stage Promotion Opportunity
Initial years Junior level promotions
After 5+ years Mid-level executive roles

BSSC also provides regular training to enhance skills and knowledge for better career growth.

Salary Slip Components

The key components of the monthly BSSC Stenographer salary slip are:

  • Basic pay
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Other additional allowances
  • Gross salary
  • Deductions and taxes
  • Net take home salary
Component Description
Basic Pay Fixed pay as per scale
Gross Salary Sum of all components

The salary slip provides a break up of all components and deductions.

Probation Period

Newly selected BSSC Stenographers undergo a probation period before being confirmed. Key aspects:

  • Learn work environment and job responsibilities
  • Duration can vary from 6 months to 1 year
  • Get additional benefits after confirmation post probation
Aspect Details
Objective Understand work before confirmation
Duration 6 months to 1 year usually

The probation period prepares new recruits before their confirmation in service.


The Bihar BSSC Stenographer job offers a good pay scale with additional benefits and ample growth opportunities. The probation period helps new recruits settle into their roles. Overall, it provides a stable government job with good career prospects.


Q1: What is the BSSC Stenographer salary for a fresher?

A1: The starting salary for a fresher BSSC Stenographer is Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/- per month. The annual package is around Rs. 2,40,000/- plus other allowances.

Q2: What allowances do BSSC Stenographers get apart from basic pay?

A2: BSSC Stenographers get various allowances like House Rent, Dearness, Transport, Medical and other special allowances in addition to basic pay.

Q3: How is the career growth of a BSSC Stenographer?

A3: BSSC Stenographers have good promotion opportunities to higher roles over time based on performance, experience and skill enhancement.

Q4: What is included in the BSSC Stenographer salary slip?

A4: The salary slip includes components like basic pay, HRA, allowances, gross salary, deductions and net take home pay etc.

Q5: What is the objective of the probation period for new BSSC Stenographers?

A5: The probation period enables new recruits to understand the work environment and responsibilities before being confirmed.

Q6: How long is the usual probation period duration?

A6: The usual BSSC Stenographer probation period duration ranges from 6 months to 1 year.


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