Central Bank of India Apprentice Salary and Benefits

Central Bank of India (CBI) Apprentice salary structure, pay scale, allowances, and other benefits. It covers the monthly and annual salary package for CBI Apprentice posts across rural, semi-urban, urban, and metro branches. The article also discusses the job profile, career growth opportunities, probation period, and confirmation policy for CBI Apprentices.

Monthly and Annual Salary Packages

The table below summarizes the monthly stipend and daily allowance for CBI Apprentice posts across different branch locations:

Branches Stipend Daily Allowance
Rural/Semi-Urban branches Rs 10,000/- Rs. 225/-
Urban branches Rs 12,000/- Rs. 300/-
Metro branches Rs 15,000/- Rs. 350/-

Based on these monthly stipends, the annual package for a CBI Apprentice ranges from Rs 1.2 lakhs to Rs 1.8 lakhs per annum. There is potential for salary growth based on performance.

Job Profile and Career Growth

As part of their job role, CBI Apprentices are involved in various administrative tasks to gain an overview of the bank's operations. They receive training and mentoring from experienced staff. Over time, apprentices can be confirmed as permanent CBI employees based on performance. They become eligible for salary hikes, allowances, and other benefits after confirmation.

Other Salary Components and Benefits

In addition to stipend and allowance, CBI Apprentices also receive a salary slip every month highlighting their pay components and statutory deductions. Once confirmed, they become eligible for perks like Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), transport facility, medical insurance, paid leaves, retirement benefits, and more as per CBI's compensation policy.

Probation Period and Confirmation Policy

The probation period for CBI Apprentices is 2 years including the training period. The bank reserves the right to extend or shorten this period. Apprentices have to clear assessments during probation. If performance is unsatisfactory, their employment can be terminated. Candidates with satisfactory performance are confirmed as permanent employees after probation.


In summary, the starting salary for a CBI Apprentice ranges from Rs 10,000-15,000 per month based on posting location. There is immense scope for professional growth after confirmation. The attractive pay and benefits make the CBI Apprentice role an excellent career option for banking aspirants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much is the stipend for CBI Apprentices in rural branches?

A1: CBI Apprentices in rural branches receive a monthly stipend of Rs 10,000 along with a daily allowance of Rs 225.

Q2: What allowances do confirmed CBI Employees receive?

A2: Confirmed CBI employees are eligible for perks like DA, HRA, transportation allowance, medical benefits and paid leaves as per CBI's compensation framework.

Q3: How long is the probation period for CBI Apprentice?

A3: The probation period for CBI Apprentices is 2 years including their training period. This can be shortened or extended by CBI as needed.

Q4: Can underperforming apprentices be terminated?

A4: Yes, CBI reserves the right to terminate the services of apprentices who underperform during their probation.

Q5: What is the annual package for metro branch apprentices?

A5: CBI Apprentices in metro branches receive an annual package of around Rs 1.8 lakhs per annum including stipend and daily allowance.

Q6: What career growth options are available after confirmation?

A6: Confirmed CBI employees become eligible for promotions, transfers, salary hikes based on performance, skills and experience over time.


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