Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched the CBSE Teacher Training Portal to provide online training programs

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched the CBSE Teacher Training Portal to provide online training programs and improve the professional skills of teachers across the country. The key highlights of this portal include free and paid certificate courses, training resources, and a cascade model for widespread dissemination of training. This article provides comprehensive information about the CBSE Training Portal including its purpose, key services, registration process, and usage guidelines.

Purpose of CBSE Teacher Training Portal

The main objectives of the CBSE Training Portal are:

  • Provide online training programs to teachers across India
  • Improve teaching standards and methodologies in CBSE affiliated schools
  • Meet the mandatory 50 hours of annual teacher training requirement
  • Standardize training delivery through centralized portal
  • Enable mentorship programs for continued skills upgrade

Services Offered

The key services offered through the CBSE Training Portal include:

Category Services
Programs Free online courses and webinars, paid certificate courses across disciplines
Resources Teaching aids such as presentations, infographics, lesson plans etc.
Administration Program announcements, training calendars, notifications

Registration Process

Teachers need to follow these key steps to register on the CBSE Training Portal:

  • Visit official website cbsetraining.nic.in
  • Click on ‘New Registration’ button
  • Enter personal and professional details
  • Validate details and submit form
  • User ID and password will be sent through SMS/email

Usage Guidelines

Once registered, teachers can access the portal for:

  • Browsing and enrolling for available training programs
  • Accessing e-study material and teaching resources
  • Completing annual 50 hours mandatory training
  • Issuing training participation certificates
  • Providing program feedback for improvements


The portal offers significant advantages such as:

  • Centralized access to teacher training content
  • Standardized and relevant programs for competency building
  • Exposure to latest teaching methodologies and technologies
  • Flexible and self-paced learning through distance mode
  • Professional development certification for career growth

By providing high quality training inputs through a single national portal, the CBSE aims to empower teachers and enrich school education across India.


The CBSE Teacher Training Portal is an excellent e-learning platform focused on upgrading teaching capacities across CBSE affiliated schools. It offers a wide range of programs, additional resources, and administrative functions to assist teachers in their continuous professional development and meeting annual training requirements. By registering on this portal, teachers can benefit from standardized inputs thereby enhancing their domain knowledge and teaching techniques.


Q1: Who can register on the CBSE Teacher Training Portal?

A1: All teachers working in CBSE affiliated schools can register on this portal to access online training programs and teaching resources.

Q2: Is registration on the portal mandatory for teachers?

A2: Yes, registration is mandatory for teachers to complete the required 50 hours of annual training based on CBSE guidelines.

Q3: What is the validity of user ID and password?

A3: The login credentials remain valid lifelong for accessing programs and certificates on the portal. Teachers must safeguard login details.

Q4: Can school principals also register on this portal?

A4: Yes, principals, vice principals and school administrators can also register to avail administrative resources.

Q5: How do teachers register attendance for training programs?

A5: Automated attendance is captured during online course progress. Teachers also need to submit program feedback rating for portal records.

Q6: What kind of certificate is provided after course completion?

A6: Participants can download a digitally verifiable e-certificate on successful course completion for their records.


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