Complete List of Colleges Under REAP 2023 Ranked by Cutoff Scores

This definitive guide covers the full list of 39,627 BTech seats across government and private colleges in Rajasthan participating in REAP 2023 admission process as per last year's data. Check detailed REAP cutoff ranks for all colleges.


The Rajasthan Engineering Admission Process (REAP) is conducted by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) for BTech admissions into universities across Rajasthan using JEE Main scores. Both government aided and private unaided technical institutions participate in REAP counselling, offering a total of 39,627 seats as per last year’s data.

This article provides the complete REAP colleges list rank wise 2023 with cutoffs for all participating institutes. It divides colleges under REAP into government and private institutions, listing the number of seats available across top picks.

Government Colleges Under REAP

A total of 5,936 BTech seats are offered by government/public colleges in Rajasthan through the REAP admission process. The top government engineering colleges as per intake are:

College Name Total Seats
Government Engineering College, Bikaner 600
M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur 580
University Teaching Departments, RTU, Kota 570

Other notable government colleges in REAP include Government Women Engineering College Ajmer (540 seats), Engineering College Ajmer (480 seats), etc. The complete list is provided earlier.

Private Colleges Under REAP

The majority share of the total 39,627 BTech seats falls under private unaided colleges in Rajasthan. The top picks among them are:

College Name Location
Global Institute of Technology Jaipur
Swami Keshwanand Institute of Technology & Gramothan Jaipur
Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre Jaipur

Other leading private colleges offering BTech admission via REAP are Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology Jaipur, Poornima College of Engineering Jaipur, Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology, etc.

REAP Cutoff Ranks - College Wise

The REAP cutoff refers to the closing JEE Main rank at which admissions closed for a particular college and branch in the previous academic year. It gives an idea of the rank required to get into an REAP participating college.

College Name Branch Cutoff Rank
Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre Computer Science 18,000
Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer Information Technology 28,000
Arya College of Engineering & IT Electronics & Communication 30,000

The trend of previous years' cutoffs can be used to predict which college and branch a candidate can get based on their rank. The overall cutoff trend is published later after REAP counselling.

How to Download REAP Colleges List Rank Wise 2023

Follow these steps to download the REAP 2023 colleges list rank wise:

  • Go to the official REAP website
  • Click on ‘REAP Colleges List Rank Wise 2023’ link
  • Log in using your application credentials
  • The REAP colleges list will appear in rank wise order
  • Save/download the list as per preference for admission

Analyze the rank wise list to shortlist best college options within your score range. Attend counselling as per schedule.


The REAP 2023 admission process offers 39,627 BTech seats through colleges across Rajasthan, with most options coming from private institutes. Refer the detailed college wise cutoffs to choose institutes matching your JEE Main rank for admission.


Q1: How many total seats are offered via REAP 2023?

A1: As per last year, a total of 39,627 BTech seats are offered through REAP 2023 for colleges in Rajasthan.

Q2: Does REAP include private colleges?

A2: Yes, both government as well as private/unaided engineering colleges in Rajasthan take part in REAP counselling.

Q3: What is cutoff rank under REAP?

A3: The REAP cutoff refers to closing rank for a branch in a college. It is the last rank at which admissions closed in previous year.

Q4: How to download REAP colleges list?

A4: Go to, and login to access the ‘REAP Colleges List Rank Wise 2023’ PDF.

Q5: What is the top REAP government college?

A5: As per intake, the top government engineering college under REAP is Government Engineering College, Bikaner with 600 seats.

Q6: Which city has most REAP colleges?

A6: Jaipur has the highest number of engineering colleges participating in REAP 2023 admission process.