Comprehensive Details on Infosys Salaries After 1 Year in 2023

Infosys confirms employees after 1 year probation period. Confirmation rewards include salary hike. Employees are categorized into JL3B (Engineers) and JL2B (Executives). Salary revision for JL3B is based on training performance - Top Performer Fund (TPF), High Performer Fund (HPF), Above Average Performer Fund (AAPF), Average Performer Fund (APF). Based on probation performance, employees get bands. Top 10% performers get Band A. Next 80% get Band B. Bottom 10% get Band C.

Band Performer Category
A Top 10%
B Next 80%
C Bottom 10%

In-hand monthly salary after confirmation is higher for higher bands and performer funds.

Salary Hikes After 1 Year

The Infosys salary hike after 1 year is based on:
  • Company performance
  • Unit performance and contribution
  • Account level contribution
  • Individual performance percentage
For lateral hires, previous company salary and interview performance determine package.

Salary Comparison Before and After 1 Year

Designation Before 1 Year After 1 Year
Software Trainee 3.6 LPA 3.8 LPA
System Engineer 3.8 LPA 4.6 LPA
Senior System Engineer 4.6 LPA 6.5 LPA

Higher designations like Technology Leads, Project Managers see substantially higher salaries after 1 year experience.

Additional Facilities

Apart from salary, Infosys employees get facilities like:
  • Life insurance
  • Relocation support
  • Health club membership
  • Paid leaves

Growth and Promotion Avenues

Based on performance over years, Infosys employees can move to higher roles with increased salary:
  • Software Trainee to System Engineer in 1 year
  • System Engineer to Sr. System Engineer in 2 years
  • Sr. Engineer to Tech Lead in 5+ years
With experience and excellence, further growth to Group Project Manager and beyond is possible.


Infosys offers satisfactory salary hikes after 1 year duration across designations. Higher performer bands and categories lead to better increment. Alongside, facilities like insurance, paid leaves make it an attractive employment option. Hard work and perseverance paves the path for fast growth in terms of role and salary.


Q1: How much is the Infosys salary hike after 1 year for a System Engineer?

The average Infosys salary hike after 1 year for a System Engineer is 15-20%. It translates to approx. 3.8 LPA base pay increasing to 4.6 LPA after the first year.

Q2: What is the process for Infosys employee confirmation?

The Infosys employee confirmation happens after 1 year probation period, subject to satisfactory performance. Confirmation leads to salary hike and designation change from Software Trainee to System Engineer level.

Q3: What benefits do Infosys employees get apart from salary?

Infosys provides benefits like life insurance, health club membership, paid leaves, relocation support to employees. There are also facilities for onsite opportunities and higher education sponsorships.

Q4: How can one grow to higher roles in Infosys?

Consistent high performance, upskilling, and internal job rotations lead to growth to higher positions. One can progress from Associate Software Engineer to Sr. Engineer to Project Lead over 5+ years.

Q5: What factors determine the Infosys salary hike percentage after 1 year?

The key aspects deciding Infosys salary increment after 1 year are - company performance, business unit performance, project or account performance, and personal contribution.

Q6: Can Infosys salary after 1 year exceed general industry standards?

Yes, Infosys salary after 1 year can exceed industry benchmarks based on above average company performance and individual contributor rating exceeding expectations.