HackWithInfy Coding Competition - Previous Year Questions and Preparation Tips

HackWithInfy is an annual coding competition conducted by Infosys to identify top programming talent across India. It started in 2018 and has gained popularity over the years. The contest has 3 rounds - online coding, team vs team hacking event, and Infosys Meridian Grand Finale.

Top performers get a chance to work as Infosys Specialist Programmers. The questions test fundamental coding concepts and cover various topics like Data Structures, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms etc.

Important Details - HackWithInfy Rounds

Round Details
Online Coding Round Individual coding questions to be solved in limited time
Team Hacking Event 48 hour hackathon between shortlisted teams
Infosys Meridian Grand Finale 4 day coding finale for top 100 participants

Key Coding Topics to Prepare

Some of the important topics to focus on for HackWithInfy coding questions are:

Topic Concepts
Data Structures Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Graphs
Algorithms Searching, Sorting, Hashing, Recursion, Divide & Conquer
Advanced Concepts Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, Greedy, Bit Manipulation

Having strong fundamentals in the above topics is critical to solve HackWithInfy questions.

Sample Coding Questions

Here are some sample coding questions asked in previous HackWithInfy tests:

Problem Statement Key Concepts
Maximum non-adjacent dish selection problem Dynamic Programming
Splitting pebbles problem Logic, Math
Count bases where integer representation starts with 1 Number Theory
Beautiful function problem Implementation, Logic
Minimum withdrawals from ATM problem Greedy Algorithm

Practicing such coding problems on relevant topics is the best way to prepare for HackWithInfy. Having an efficient coding approach is vital.

Some HackWithInfy Interview Questions

Along with coding questions, some key technical and HR interview questions asked in pre-placement interviews are:

  • Projects and internship experience
  • Explain Machine Learning concepts like KNN
  • Data Structures like Linked Lists
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Why Infosys and job role preferences

Preparing for such broad questions requires having clarity about academics, projects, and career aspirations.


HackWithInfy coding competition by Infosys is a great chance for engineering students to showcase their programming skills. Performance in online coding rounds and finale directly leads to Infosys job offers. Preparing topics like Data Structures, Algorithms along with sufficient coding practice is crucial for good rank. College seniors and online platforms are the best resources to get an idea about level of questions and practice.


Q1: How to register for HackWithInfy coding competition?

A1: HackWithInfy registrations happen through Infosys website around July-August every year. Eligibility criteria is - engineering students graduating next year. Keep checking portal for notifications.

Q2: What kind of coding questions are asked in HackWithInfy?

A2: Questions mainly test Data Structures, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming and Math concepts. Questions have a sense of creativity and uniqueness beyond textbook formats.

Q3: How many rounds does HackWithInfy coding competition have?

A3: HackWithInfy has 3 rounds - Online coding round, Team hackathon event and Infosys Meridian Grand Finale. Top coders qualify for next rounds.

Q4: What benefits can you get from HackWithInfy?

A4: Along with trophies for winners, top performers get direct offer letters for Infosys Specialist Programmer jobs. So its a shortcut to Infosys placement.

Q5: How much time will coding questions carry in HackWithInfy?

A5: Online coding round has 2-3 questions for around 150 minutes. Questions have input-output format to code solutions. So time limit varies as per question complexity.

Q6: Which online platforms are best for HackWithInfy preparation?

A6: Best online platforms for HackWithInfy practice are LeetCode, HackerRank, HackerEarth, Codeforces etc. Focus should be enhancing Data Structure and Algorithm coding skills with creativity.


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