How to Calculate 12th Cut Off Marks for Arts, Science and Commerce

To get admission into colleges in Tamil Nadu, students need to meet the cut off marks criteria set by the institutes. The cut off marks act as a filtering system for colleges to select students based on exam performance. Meeting the cut off scores is essential for students to be considered for admission into their desired college and stream.

Calculating Arts and Science Cut Off Marks

The arts and science cut off marks are released separately for different categories like General, OBC, SC, ST etc. Here is an example of the arts and science cutoff marks:

Category Cutoff Marks
General 38-40
OBC 33.25-35.5
SC 20.5-35.5

To calculate the arts and science cut off marks for a particular student, their individual subject marks need to be added as per the calculation given below.

Commerce Cut Off Marks Calculation

Similar to arts and science, the commerce cut off marks also vary across different categories. An exemplary break up is given below:

Category Cut off Marks
General 85-95%
SC 75-85%
ST 65-80%

To calculate the cut off marks for commerce, the individual subject marks need to be totalled as shown below.

How to Find Cut Off Marks for 12th

To find the cut off marks for 12th arts/science/commerce, students can use the following method:

Step 1: Note down marks obtained in main subjects (usually 3 or 4 subjects)

Step 2: Add the full marks of the subject with highest marks

Step 3: Take half of the marks obtained in the remaining subjects and add them

Step 4: The total is the cut off marks

For example, if a student scored 80 in Accountancy, 86 in Business Studies, and 78 in Economics, their cut off marks would be = 80 + (86/2) + (78/2) = 162

TANCET Cut Off Marks

TANCET entrance exam also has separate cut off marks for different courses and categories. An example is given below:

Course Category Marks Round
MCA General 39 1
MCA SC 31 1

Students can compare their TANCET scores with the cut off marks to estimate their chances of admission.


Calculating the 12th cut off marks is important to assess eligibility and admission possibilities for various undergraduate programs and colleges. The cut off marks take into account factors like exam performance, number of seats, and number of applicants. Meeting the required cut off scores is essential for students to get shortlisted for admission into their desired college or stream.


Q1: How is arts and science cut off calculated?

A1: The arts and science cut off marks are calculated by totalling the full marks obtained in one subject and half the marks obtained in remaining subjects.

Q2: Does commerce stream have separate cut off marks?

A2: Yes, commerce stream has its own cut off marks which are released separately from arts and science.

Q3: Is there any cut off calculator available?

A3: There are some online cut off calculators which allow entering individual subject marks to estimate the cut off marks and compare against previous years’ data.

Q4: Is TANCET score compared against a cut off?

A4: Yes, to get admission in MCA/M.Sc programs through TANCET exam, candidates have to score above the published cut off marks for their category.

Q5: How can I check my chances of admission?

A5: Students can check their admission chances by comparing their calculated 12th cut off marks against the last cut off marks of the desired college and stream.

Q6: Do SC/ST students have lower cut offs?

A6: Yes, cut off marks are lower for reserved SC, ST and OBC category students compared to general category.