How to Calculate CBSE 12th Cut Off Marks 2023

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts standardized exams and courses for high school students across India. Colleges use annual CBSE 12th cut off marks, based on exam performance, to screen applicants. Understanding the CBSE cut off calculation process is important for students seeking college admissions.

CBSE 12th Cut Off Marks

The CBSE 12th cut off marks refer to the minimum marks students need to score in the 12th board exams to be eligible for admission into undergraduate programs. The cut offs vary across colleges and courses depending on factors like availability of seats, difficulty level of exam, and demand for the program.

Factor Description
College Reputation More reputed colleges have higher cut offs
Program Demand Higher demand programs have higher cut offs
Seat Availability Fewer seats results in higher cut offs

The CBSE declares class-wise and subject-wise cut off marks annually after result declaration.

Calculating CBSE 12th Cut Off Marks

The CBSE cut off marks take into account performance across key subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc. The calculation method varies across streams.

Engineering Cut Off Calculation

  • Divide Maths marks by 2
  • Divide Physics and Chemistry marks by 4 each
  • Add the resulting numbers

Hence, an even distribution of marks is needed across the 3 subjects to meet engineering cut offs.

Medical Cut Off Calculation

The overall percentage is used, calculated by:

Overall Percentage = (Total Marks Obtained ÷ Total Marks) x 100

Hence cumulative performance across biology, chemistry and physics is considered for the medical stream.

Expected CBSE 12th Cut Offs 2023

Given rising academic competition, the CBSE 12th cut off 2023 is expected to be 0.5% to 2% higher across popular courses. Refer to previous years' cut off data for your target college/program when planning admission strategies.

Course 2022 Cut Off 2023 Expected Cut Off
Engineering 65% 66-67%
Medicine 90% 91-92%

Students should target scoring above the expected cut offs to comfortably clear admission thresholds.

How to Use CBSE Cut Off Calculator?

The CBSE provides an online cut off calculator to help estimate your chances of meeting program-specific cut offs based on your score. You can input your subject-wise and overall percentage to know your admission prospects across colleges.

The cut off calculator is especially useful for students exploring back-up options beyond popular colleges. You can calibrate targets as per your aptitude and maximize your chances.


Calculating expected CBSE 12th cut offs is important for students aspiring for undergraduate admissions. Performance across key subjects, aggregate percentages, and previous years' cut off data need to be analyzed when planning for colleges and programs. The CBSE's online cut off calculator is a useful tool to assess admission feasibility across a wide range of options.


Q1: What is the difference between class-wise and subject-wise CBSE cut offs?

A1: Class-wise cut off refers to the overall percentage needed for a program across streams like Science, Commerce etc. Subject-wise is the individual score needed per subject depending on the stream selected - Maths and Physics for Engineering, Biology for Medicine etc.

Q2: How are tie-breaker rules applied during admissions?

A2: In case of a tie with same scores, the candidate with higher marks in key subjects gets preference. For instance, PCM marks are considered first for engineering programs before aggregate percentages.

Q3: Can the online CBSE cut off calculator be used for state board results?

A3: No, the CBSE calculator has been customized and baseline-fitted using historical CBSE data. Separate state-wise calculators would need to be used for respective board results.

Q4: How frequently are CBSE cut offs updated?

A4: The class and subject-wise CBSE cut off marks are updated annually basis each year's performance in the 12th board exams across student groups and programs.

Q5: What role does performance consistency play during cut off screening?

A5: Colleges don't just consider 12th score but also look at past performance continuity from 10th boards for a wholesome picture before finalizing cut offs.

Q6: Can the CBSE provide program-specific cut off data?

A6: The board provides broad discipline-wise cut offs. However, students need to directly check college websites for historic program-specific cut off data for more targeted admission planning.


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