How to Reset Rajasthan PayManager Password - Complete Process

The Rajasthan PayManager portal allows state government employees to access their salary and employment details securely. If employees forget their login password, there is a provision to reset it. This article provides complete information on the password reset process for PayManager.

PayManager Portal Overview

PayManager is an online system used by Rajasthan government staff to access their pay slips, tax documents, leave records etc. It aims to digitize salary management and maintain transparency. The login credential provides exclusive access to an employee's data. Hence resetting forgotten passwords is important.

Portal Name Paymanager
Beneficiaries Rajasthan Government Employees
Official Website

The portal offers convenient access to salary information while ensuring data privacy through secure login passwords. The process allows resetting forgotten passwords by submitting key details.

Advantages of PayManager System

PayManager provides various benefits for managing and tracking salary details online. This saves time and effort compared to manual processes.

Benefit Description
Efficiency Automates pay bill and slip generation
Tax Management Easy access to Form 16 and income tax records
Pay Tracking DA, bonus, pension details readily available

By transitioning salary management and documentation online through PayManager, the Rajasthan government aims to increase transparency and productivity.

Reset PayManager Password Process

If registered employees forget their login password, it can be easily reset using the password reset option. This allows entering a new password after identity verification.

Step Action
1 Visit website
2 Enter employee ID, bank account, DOB, mobile number
3 Verify using OTP sent to mobile number
4 Submit details to initiate reset
5 Enter and confirm new password

This facility allows employees to conveniently change forgotten passwords without external assistance. The process is aimed at employees who have registered their mobile number in the system.

Mobile Number Update Process

For employees who have entered an incorrect mobile number during registration, there is a mobile change request form. This allows updating the mobile number after validation. The steps are similar to the password reset flow.

Step Action
1 Go to PayManager portal
2 Click mobile change request option
3 Enter employee ID, bank details, DOB
4 New mobile number is captured
5 Details sent to DDO for verification

This allows employees to rectify any incorrect mobile number entered previously. The DDO verifies the details before updating it in the system.

DDO Portal Role

The DDO portal allows the DDO to verify and approve any password reset or mobile number change requests initiated by employees. This provides authorization before making any changes.

DDO Action Impact
Verify reset request Employee can set new password
Approve mobile number update System is updated with correct number
Reject invalid requests Change not allowed in system

Thus the DDO portal acts as an approval channel for identity or data change requests before allowing employees access again.


The PayManager facility aims to provide salary and employment details access at employees' convenience in a secure manner. The password reset and mobile update facilities prevent identity or data misuse. By following appropriate validation protocols, employees can easily regain access in case of forgotten credentials or incorrect data.


Q1: How can I reset my PayManager password if I don't remember the old one?

A1: You can use the Forgot Password option on the login page to reset your password. It will ask you for employee ID, bank details, date of birth for identity verification and prompt you to enter a new password.

Q2: What details are required to submit the password reset request on PayManager?

A2: You need to enter details like employee ID, bank account number linked with salary, date of birth and registered mobile number. These details are checked before allowing a new password to be set.

Q3: I have changed my mobile number. How do I update it on PayManager?

A3: There is a mobile change request form for updating your new mobile number. Fill employee ID, bank account and DOB details to submit it for DDO approval. After verification, your updated number will reflect.

Q4: Can I reset my PayManager password without my registered mobile number?

A4: Yes, the password reset option allows you to proceed without entering the mobile number. However approval time may be longer in such cases due to additional verification requirements.

Q5: Will my employee ID change if I reset my PayManager login password?

A5: No, the employee ID will remain unchanged. It is a unique identification code allotted in PayManager system and mapped with your service record. Only the login password can be reset.

Q6: How long does it take to reset a forgotten PayManager password?

A6: After submitting request, password reset usually happens within 3 working days post DDO approval. In some cases verification takes longer if details provided are inadequate.


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