ICMR STS Result 2023 - Details and Selection Process

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) announces the ICMR Short Term Studentship (STS) results every year. The STS program provides an opportunity for medical and dental students to gain hands-on research experience. The results are announced on the official ICMR website - sts.icmr.org.in.

ICMR Short Term Studentship Program

The ICMR STS program invites applications from medical and dental students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The program duration is for 2-3 months during summer vacations. Selected candidates receive a stipend to work on research projects under the guidance of mentors.

The key details of the ICMR STS program are:

  • Eligibility - MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, MDS students from recognized colleges
  • Duration - 2-3 months during summer vacations
  • Stipend - Rs. 10,000 per month for 2 months
  • Certification - Certificate of research experience

The program aims to promote medical research aptitude among students and mentors them for future research abilities.

ICMR STS Application and Selection Process

The ICMR STS application and selection process involves the following steps:

  • Submission of online application with documents like ID proof, course details
  • Shortlisting of applications by scrutiny committee
  • Evaluation based on academic merit, research interest
  • Announcement of selection list on ICMR website

The selection criteria focuses on the student's academic performance, research potential, and subject interest. Only the shortlisted candidates are intimated via email.

ICMR STS Result 2023 - Details

The ICMR publishes the STS results on their portal sts.icmr.org.in. The key details regarding ICMR STS 2023 result are:

  • Result announced in online PDF format
  • Contains roll number wise list of selected candidates
  • Gives details like selection status, college name, project title
  • Published by 2nd week of May 2023 (tentative)

Candidates can check their selection status by searching for their roll number in the published PDF file. The result PDF mentions the college, student name, project title for all selected candidates.

How to Check ICMR STS Result 2023?

Follow these steps to check ICMR STS 2023 result:

  1. Go to sts.icmr.org.in
  2. Click on 'ICMR STS Result 2023' link
  3. Result PDF opens in new tab
  4. Press Ctrl+F and search by your roll number
  5. Check if your roll number is present in selected list

Alternatively, scroll through the PDF to find your roll number and selection status. Download the PDF for future reference.

ICMR STS Selection List 2023

The ICMR STS selection list contains the following details of selected candidates:

  • Application number
  • Candidate's name
  • Father's name
  • College name and location
  • Proposed project title
  • Name of research guide

The selection list is published in PDF format. Candidates should check their name, college details in the list.

ICMR STS Merit List 2023

The ICMR STS merit list is prepared during the selection process. However, it is not published online. The merit list ranks candidates based on:

  • Academic performance in MBBS/BDS/MD/MS/MDS
  • Research experience and publications
  • Recommendation letters
  • Interest and knowledge in proposed research area

The merit list is used by the selection committee to choose the most deserving candidates for the limited STS seats.

About ICMR Short Term Studentship

The ICMR Short Term Studentship program aims to build research skills and aptitude among medical students. Key features of the STS program are:

  • Fully funded scholarship for 2-3 month duration
  • Opportunity to learn research methodology, techniques
  • Hands-on research work under expert guidance
  • Stipend for basic expenses during research period
  • Certificate of research experience from ICMR

The program allows students to develop research-oriented thinking, analyze data, and learn techniques like sampling, documentation under mentorship. This helps them build a strong research foundation.

Benefits of ICMR Short Term Studentship

The key benefits of the ICMR STS program for students are:

  • Exposure to medical research projects and areas
  • Understanding research methodologies and processes
  • Hands-on experience in data collection, analysis, lab techniques
  • Opportunity to work with experts and mentors
  • Boosts chances of selection in MD/MS/MDS courses
  • Chance to publish research paper as co-author
  • Certificate of research experience for CV enrichment

The ICMR STS helps students gain valuable insights on research which aids their career growth and higher education prospects.

Significance of ICMR Short Term Studentship

The ICMR STS program holds significance for students as well as the research ecosystem. Some key points are:

  • Provides student motivation for research and innovation
  • Develops analytical thinking abilities in students
  • Prepares students for research-focused medical career
  • Creates a talent pool for India's medical research needs
  • Helps build network between students, mentors and institutes
  • Boosts research output through student projects

By tapping young talent, the ICMR STS program aids in strengthening India's healthcare research infrastructure for the future.

Tips to Improve ICMR STS Selection Chances

Here are some useful tips for students to improve their chances of selection in ICMR STS:

  • Choose relevant research area matching your interests
  • Get recommendation letters from faculty
  • Highlight extracurricular activities and achievements
  • Focus on strong academic performance in MBBS/BDS
  • Prepare well for entrance tests like NEET PG
  • Have published papers or conference presentations
  • Explain your research goals clearly in application

Having a focused research plan, good subject knowledge, consistent academic scores and research exposure helps in getting selected.


The ICMR STS program provides a wonderful opportunity for medical students to strengthen their research skills. The results offer exciting prospects for students to build their research profile under expert guidance. Securing a seat requires consistent efforts, relevant research interests and good subject knowledge. The experience equips students with critical thinking abilities to excel in medical research and education.


Q1: When will ICMR announce STS 2023 result?

The ICMR STS result 2023 is expected to be announced by second week of May 2023 on the ICMR website sts.icmr.org.in. However, the date is tentative.

Q2: How can I download my ICMR STS result?

You can download the ICMR STS result PDF from the official website once it is announced. Search your roll number in the PDF to check selection status.

Q3: What details will be given in ICMR STS selected list?

The ICMR STS selection list mentions details like application number, name, college, proposed project and guide name of chosen candidates.

Q4: Is there any separate ICMR STS merit list?

ICMR prepares a merit list of students during selection but does not publish it online. The merit list is only for internal ranking use.

Q5: What is the stipend amount for ICMR STS project?

Selected ICMR STS candidates are awarded a stipend of Rs. 10,000 per month for the 2 months research project duration.

Q6: What is the eligibility criteria for ICMR STS?

ICMR STS is open for MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, MDS students studying in recognized institutes. Minimum 55% marks criteria needs to be met.


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