Infosys Salary Hikes, Appraisal Cycle, and Promotion Policy 2023

The 2023 Infosys annual appraisal season is underway. Employees anticipate significant salary hikes to offset inflation and rising interest rates. Polls forecast average wage increases around 10% in India this year. Infosys salary hikes depend on company performance, business unit results, individual contributions, and roles.

Top performers at Infosys can expect 10-13% hikes on average. Older employees may see bigger raises to align compensation. Hike percentages also differ based on technology, domain, vertical, and designation.

Important Details - Infosys Annual Hikes History

Year Projected Hike Actual Hike
2023 10.0%
2022 9.3% 9.8%
2021 7.0% 8.5%

Infosys Appraisal Rating System

The Infosys appraisal process assigns 1 of 5 ratings:

Rating Percentage Performance Level
1 Very few Poor
2 Some Needs Improvement
3 Most Solid

Only 1-2% of employees per project get a rating of 4 (Strong) or 5 (Outstanding). Your rating influences your variable pay and promotion eligibility.

Infosys Appraisal Cycle Timeline

The key stages in the annual Infosys appraisal cycle are:

Stage Timeline
Self Evaluation January-February
Manager Review February-March
Calibration and Finalization March-April

During calibration, ratings get adjusted relative to peer groups. Final appraisal letters with compensation changes are shared in April.

Salary and Perks at Infosys

Component Offering
Life Insurance Cover provided
Health Insurance Family floater policy
Annual Leaves 18 paid leaves

Other common benefits include health club reimbursements, phone bill payments, relocation support, quarterly bonuses, subsidized meals, and more.

Infosys Promotion Criteria

Getting promotions at Infosys is perceived to be relatively slow. Performance rating, vacancies, tenure, and business need play a key role in promotion decisions:

Metric Weight
Appraisal Rating Very high
Tenure High
Business Requirement Medium to high


Infosys offers competitive compensation, a structured appraisal system, and solid perks. Top talent has potential for good salary growth and advancement despite modest baseline hikes and gradual promotions. Sustained high performance is key to reaping the rewards.


Q1: What is the Infosys appraisal rating system?

A1: Infosys uses a 5 point rating scale ranging from 1 (Poor) to 5 (Outstanding) to evaluate employee performance.

Q2: How much hike can I expect at Infosys in 2023?

A2: Projected average hike is 10%. High performers can see 10-13% increments.

Q3: When does the Infosys appraisal cycle happen?

A3: Typically from January to April - self evaluation, manager review, calibration and final result communication.

Q4: What benefits do Infosys employees get?

A4: Key benefits include insurance, leaves, communication expenses, meals, relocation assistance and more.

Q5: How are promotions decided at Infosys?

A5: Appraisal rating, tenure, business demand and role vacant drive promotion decisions.

Q6: How much can I save from my Infosys salary?

A6: With smart planning, investing and limited wants, one can save 20-40% of their monthly income.


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