JNU Non Teaching Salary 2023 Structure and Allowances

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi recruits candidates every year for various non teaching positions. Applicants are often keen to know the salary and benefits offered for these posts. This article provides complete details about the JNU non teaching staff salary structure, pay slip components, allowances, career progression scope and related aspects.

Important Details - JNU Non Teaching Salary Range

Position Salary Range
Non Teaching Staff Rs. 35,500 - 1,12,400 per month

Breakdown of Monthly Salary Components

Component Description
Basic Pay Rs. 35,500 - 1,12,400 depending on role
Allowances Dearness, HRA, Transport, Medical etc.

The monthly JNU non teaching salary includes the basic pay along with various allowances like dearness, house rent (HRA), transport and medical. These allowances are over and above the basic salary.

Yearly Package Details

Particulars Amount
Annual Gross Salary Rs. 4,26,000 - 13,48,800

The annual package received by JNU non teaching employees ranges from Rs. 4.26 lakhs to 13.48 lakhs per annum. This includes the basic pay plus dearness and other allowances paid monthly.

Promotion Avenues

Limited promotion opportunities for non teaching roles. Candidates need to qualify departmental exams conducted by JNU to be eligible for higher grade pay and designations over time.

Designation Grade Pay
Junior Assistant Rs. 2000
Senior Assistant Rs. 2400

The grade pay increases with promotions to higher designations like from junior assistant to senior assistant over a period of time.

Probation and Training

One year probation period during which focused training is provided on various aspects of the non teaching jobs and responsibilities.

Particular Duration
Probation Period 12 months
Structured Training 6 months

New joinees undergo a 1 year probation and 6 months compulsory training to equip them for smooth discharge of their roles and duties


To summarize, the JNU non teaching positions offer a decent pay scale with a range of allowances and benefits. Though limited, some promotion opportunities to higher grades also exist subject to qualifying departmental exams. The training and probation period helps new recruits adjust to the job requirements.


Q1: What is the JNU non teaching staff salary range?

A1: The JNU monthly salary for non teaching posts ranges from Rs. 35,500 to Rs. 1,12,400 depending on the role and experience.

Q2: What allowances are provided apart from basic pay?

A2: Key allowances paid to JNU non teaching employees include dearness, house rent (HRA), transport and medical allowances.

Q3: How much is the average annual CTC offered?

A3: The approximate average annual cost to company (CTC) of JNU non teaching staff is Rs. 7 to 15 lakhs per annum.

Q4: What is the probation period duration?

A4: Newly appointed non teaching employees have to complete 1 year of probation period.

Q5: Is there training provided to new recruits?

A5: Yes, focused 6 months job training is imparted during the probation period.

Q6: What are the promotion prospects?

A6: By qualifying in departmental exams non teaching staff can get higher grade pay and designations like from junior to senior assistant.


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