Karnataka PUC Revaluation Scan Copy Download 2023

Students who appeared for the Karnataka PUC exams in 2023 can download scanned copies of their answer sheets and apply for revaluation if needed. The scanned copies allow students to review their performance and identify any potential errors in evaluation. Here is a guide on how to obtain PUC scanned copies and revaluation in Karnataka for 2023.

Karnataka PUC Scanned Copy Overview

The scanned copy is a digital image of a student's original answer sheet. It is provided by the Karnataka Department of Pre University Education (DPUE) through their online portal. Students have to register and apply to access the scanned copies. This facility allows students to review their performance, identify any unchecked answers, and decide if they want to apply for revaluation.

Important Dates

The key dates for PUC scanned copy downloads and revaluation in 2023 are:

Event Date
Scanned Copy Application Starts April 21, 2023
Last Date to Apply for Scanned Copy April 27, 2023
Last Date to Pay Scanned Copy Fee April 27, 2023
Scanned Copy Download April 26 - May 2, 2023
Revaluation Application May 3 - 8, 2023

Eligibility for PUC Scanned Copies

All students who appeared in the PUC exams conducted by the Karnataka Pre-University Examination Board are eligible to obtain scanned copies of their answer sheets. There is no minimum mark requirement.

Fees for PUC Scanned Copy and Revaluation

  • Scanned Copy Fee - Rs. 530 per subject
  • Revaluation Fee - Rs. 1670 per subject

The fees have to be paid online while submitting the application. Scanned copies are mandatory to apply for revaluation.

How to Apply for PUC Scanned Copy in 2023

Students can follow these steps to obtain scanned copies of their PUC answer sheets:

  1. Go to the DPUE portal pue.karnataka.gov.in
  2. Click on 'Apply for Scanned Copy'
  3. Enter roll number and other details
  4. Select subjects you need scanned copy for
  5. Pay the requisite fee online
  6. Submit the application form

Applications can be submitted online from April 21 to April 27, 2023. Students must retain their application number for future reference.

Procedure to Download PUC Scanned Copies

To download the scanned copies, students have to:

  1. Revisit DPUE portal from April 26 to May 2, 2023
  2. Log in using application number and roll number
  3. Available scanned copies can be downloaded as PDF files
  4. Students should save scanned copies on their system

If the scanned copy is unclear or incomplete, students can contact the DPUE helpline.

How to Apply for PUC Revaluation in 2023

If students spot any unchecked answers or evaluation errors in their scanned copies, they can apply for revaluation within May 3-8, 2023 by:

  1. Visiting DPUE portal and selecting 'Apply for Revaluation'
  2. Paying the revaluation fee online
  3. Submitting the revaluation form mentioning subjects

Revaluation applications without scanned copies will not be accepted. The re-evaluated results will be updated on the portal.

Important Instructions

  • Scanned copies are for students' self-evaluation only.
  • Any tampering or manipulation of scanned copies is not allowed.
  • Scanned copies cannot be used for official/legal purposes.
  • Revaluation request without scanned copy will be rejected.
  • Students should follow all guidelines given on the portal.

Using PUC Scanned Copies and Revaluation for Improvement

For students who feel their performance could have been better, scanned copies and revaluation offer an opportunity for improvement. Here is how to utilize these options:

Thoroughly Review Scanned Copies

Students should carefully examine their scanned copy multiple times to identify unchecked answers or any totaling errors. Important steps include:

  • Compare your answers with the solutions provided by DPUE.
  • Note down questions with unchecked answers.
  • Identify ambiguous or incorrect evaluation.
  • Consult teachers if needed to validate concerns.

Apply for Revaluation Judiciously

Students should apply for revaluation only for relevant subjects by:

  • Prioritizing subjects with major evaluation errors.
  • Avoiding unnecessary revaluation to save fees.
  • Ensuring revaluation form is accurately filled.

Be Realistic in Expectations

While revaluation can lead to slight incremental changes, students should have realistic expectations regarding improvement in marks. Focus should be on:

  • Identifying every possible unchecked answer.
  • Bringing major evaluation errors to notice.
  • Treating revaluation as closure rather than expectation.

Prepare Thoroughly for Further Exams

For students who plan to write PUC exams again or appear for entrance tests, the priority should be thorough preparation. Scanned copies and revaluation results should be used to:

  • Identify weak subjects and topics.
  • Work on them intensively to improve.
  • Practice previous year papers and mock tests.
  • Focus more on accuracy than speed.

FAQs on PUC Scanned Copy & Revaluation

Q1. Can students take a print out of the PUC scanned copy?

A1. No, taking prints or sharing the scanned copies is not allowed. They are only for online self-evaluation.

Q2. Is there a mobile app to download PUC scanned copies?

A2. There is no official mobile app for accessing scanned copies. Students have to use the DPUE website.

Q3. What details are mentioned in the scanned copy?

A3. Scanned copies contain details like name, roll number, subject details, exam center, marks obtained, total marks etc.

Q4. Can students apply for revaluation without scanned copies?

A4. No, obtaining a scanned copy is mandatory to apply for revaluation of PUC answer sheets.

Q5. Is there any limit on how many times a paper can be revalued?

A5. No, there is no limit on applying for revaluation. But fees have to be paid each time.

Q6. By when are revaluation results declared?

A6. Revaluation outcomes are usually updated on the portal within 30 days of completing the process.


PUC scanned copies and revaluation offer an important opportunity to students to review their performance and get potential errors rectified. By following the step-by-step application procedure outlined here, students can access their scanned copies conveniently. They can then take an informed call on seeking revaluation in relevant subjects. However, the focus should be on diligent preparation for upcoming exams rather than just incremental mark improvements. Students are advised to utilize the scanned copies optimally, apply for revaluation judiciously based on evidence, have realistic expectations of the process, and work hard on weak areas to excel in future.


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