MAHAGENCO AE & JE Salary 2023

The Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited (MAHAGENCO) provides attractive salary packages and growth opportunities for its Assistant Engineer (AE) and Junior Engineer (JE) roles. This article provides details on the MAHAGENCO AE & JE salary structure, pay scale, allowances, benefits, promotion policy, and career growth prospects.

Key Details

Parameters Details
Designations Assistant Engineer, Junior Engineer
Location Maharashtra

MAHAGENCO conducts recruitment drives to fill AE and JE vacancies. Most applicants are keen to know about the salary and benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for recruitment, applicants need to score above the prescribed cut-off marks in the MAHAGENCO exam.

Particulars Details
Exam MAHAGENCO Recruitment Exam
Cut-off marks Varies for different categories

Meeting the cut-off marks makes candidates eligible for MAHAGENCO's attractive AE & JE salary packages.

Salary and Allowances

The MAHAGENCO salary structure follows the guidelines set by the Maharashtra government.

Component Assistant Engineer Junior Engineer
Pay Scale Rs. 49210-119315 Rs. 37340-103375
Dearness Allowance 138% of basic pay 130-132% of basic pay
HRA 30% of basic pay 30% of basic pay
Other Allowances Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2000/-

In addition, MAHAGENCO also provides several other monetary and non-monetary allowances and benefits.

Promotion Avenues

MAHAGENCO follows two promotion channels - merit and time-bound. Promotions bring grade change but not necessarily pay hike.

Channel Details
Merit Based on performance
Time-bound Based on seniority

Higher positions open up as AEs and JEs gain more experience over time.

Growth Prospects

MAHAGENCO offers excellent career development opportunities to its employees. With relevant skills and experience, AEs and JEs can rise up to leadership roles.

Opportunities Skills Needed
People management Leadership, communication
Specialist roles Technical expertise
Advisory positions Analytical abilities, problem solving

The right skillsets coupled with strong performance paves the path for rising up MAHAGENCO's hierarchy.

Other Details

The MAHAGENCO pay slip displays details of pay, allowances, deductions etc. Job security, attractive salary and quick promotion make these jobs desirable.


To conclude, MAHAGENCO offers stable job roles that come with good salary packages. The promotion policy and abundant growth opportunities make these jobs lucrative for engineering graduates and diploma holders. By meeting the eligibility criteria and preparations, aspirants can grab these job opportunities.


Q1: What is the Assistant Engineer salary in MAHAGENCO?

A1: The MAHAGENCO Assistant Engineer salary structure is Pay Scale - Rs. 49210-119315 along with Dearness Allowance of 138% of basic pay and HRA of 30% of basic pay.

Q2: How much does a Junior Engineer earn per month in MAHAGENCO?

A2: The approximate monthly salary of a Junior Engineer in MAHAGENCO is Rs. 65,000 - Rs. 75,000 per month including allowances and benefits.

Q3: What are the key allowances given to MAHAGENCO employees apart from basic salary?

A3: The key allowances provided by MAHAGENCO are Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance (HRA), Electricity Charges Allowance, Conveyance Allowance etc.

Q4: How many vacancies are there for Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer posts?

A4: The number of AE and JE vacancies vary for different recruitment drives. Typically several hundreds of vacancies are announced during recruitment.

Q5: What is the criteria for promotion in MAHAGENCO?

A5: MAHAGENCO has merit-based and seniority-based promotion channels. Performance in annual appraisals determines promotions.

Q6: What are the career growth opportunities for engineers in MAHAGENCO?

A6: Engineers can rise up to leadership roles in operations, management, advisory etc. based on their expertise, experience and contribution.


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