Medical Fitness Certificate for MBBS Admission - Requirements, Format, Details

The medical fitness certificate is an important document required by medical colleges as part of the admission process for MBBS programs. This certificate needs to be obtained from a registered medical practitioner certifying that the candidate is medically fit to pursue the MBBS course.

When is the Medical Fitness Certificate Required?

The medical fitness certificate may be required at the time of counseling or at the time of reporting to the allotted medical college. Candidates are advised to check the information brochure or admission notice to determine the exact requirements.

This certificate is not needed just for admission formalities but will also ensure that candidates do not have any medical conditions that could hinder their ability to complete the demanding MBBS program.

What is Checked in the Medical Examination?

The medical examination checks various health parameters to determine the candidate's fitness. Some key aspects checked are:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart function
  • Lung capacity
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood group
  • Color blindness
  • Physical disabilities
  • Infectious diseases

In some cases, a chest X-Ray may also be required as part of the examination. Female candidates may undergo a gynecological examination if needed.

Format of the Medical Fitness Certificate

The format and template vary across different medical colleges. However, the Annexure H format is commonly used which can be downloaded online. The main contents of the format are:

  • Candidate's personal details
  • Medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Findings of general physical examination
  • System-wise examination findings
  • Details of any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Doctor's declaration of fitness

Candidates need to get the certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner, preferably an MBBS doctor after undergoing the required examinations.

How to Get the Certificate Signed?

To get the medical fitness certificate signed, candidates can:

  • Visit the family physician or nearby hospital
  • Undergo the necessary medical tests
  • Provide personal and medical history details
  • Submit the Annexure H format to get doctor's sign off

The cost of obtaining this certificate is usually nominal. In some cases, additional tests may be needed if any medical issues are detected.

Key Details Information
Requirement Stage Counseling/College reporting
Examinations Conducted Blood tests, physical checkup, medical history
Certificate Format Annexure H pdf
Signing Authority Registered MBBS doctor
Cost Involved Nominal charges may apply

Having a valid medical fitness certificate is an important prerequisite before joining an MBBS program. With the help of the family physician, getting this certificate made is a quick and smooth process.


The medical fitness certificate is mandatory for MBBS admission across most colleges in India. By downloading the annexure H format, getting the required medical examination done, and getting a registered doctor's sign-off, candidates can easily obtain this document. Ensuring medical fitness before enrolling for this intensive course is essential to successfully complete the program.


Q1: Is medical fitness certificate mandatory for MBBS counseling?

A1: Yes, in most cases having a valid medical fitness certificate is required at the time of MBBS counseling. Candidates must check the information brochure to confirm the requirements.

Q2: Who can issue the medical fitness certificate?

A2: The certificate must be signed by a registered medical practitioner with an MBBS degree. Any doctor - government hospital, private hospital, family physician can sign it.

Q3: What if a candidate fails the medical test?

A3: If deemed medically unfit, the candidate may be denied MBBS admission. However, mild health conditions are generally not a barrier for admission.

Q4: Can we do medical test after getting allotted a college?

A4: Some colleges allow candidates to undergo tests after admission. But having a fitness certificate during counseling is safer.

Q5: How much time does it take to get the certificate?

A5: It is a quick process that takes 1 or 2 days including medical examination and document signing.

Q6: Does the certificate have any validity period?

A6: Normally these certificates do not have any validity or expiry date. But it is best to get a recent certificate made.


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