Minimum Percentage Criteria for CBSE Schools

about the cut off marks required for admission to the Science stream in 11th standard under the CBSE board. It covers the cutoff percentage required in different subjects like Maths, Science etc. as well as the overall cut off marks needed as per various school requirements.

Important Details
Particulars Details
Cut Off for Maths and Science subjects Minimum 90% required
Cut Off for PCB combination No minimum percentage defined for Maths
Commerce Stream Cut Off Minimum 85% required
Arts/Humanities Stream Cut Off Minimum 80% required

Minimum Percentage Criteria for CBSE Schools

As per CBSE guidelines, students need to secure a minimum of 65% marks or 7 CGPA in class 10 board exams from any recognized board to be eligible for admission in CBSE affiliated schools for class 11.

Parameter Requirement
Minimum Percentage 65% in Class 10 Boards
Minimum CGPA 7 CGPA

Expected Cut Off for Reputed CBSE Schools

For admission in reputed CBSE schools, students opting for Science stream need:

  1. Minimum 85-90% marks in Class 10 Boards
  2. Qualify entrance exam for Maths or Science subjects

The cut off varies across schools depending on number of seats vs demand. Schools also analyze past performance of students in Class 11 before finalizing cut off.

Criteria Cut Off Benchmark
Class 10 Percentage 85-90% or higher
Entrance Test Maths/Science exam clearing cutoff
Past Academic Performance Class 11 finals percentage above 50%

Cut Off for Premium CBSE Schools

For highly reputed CBSE schools, the cut off criteria is similar but the percentage benchmark is higher depending on school's brand image and demand.

Criteria Cut Off Benchmark
Class 10 Percentage 90% or above
Entrance Test Maths/Science exam cut off
Past Academic Performance Not Applicable


To summarize, CBSE mandates minimum 65% in class 10 to be eligible for Science stream in 11th standard. However, for reputed CBSE schools the cut off is higher around 85-90% or above along with entrance test performance. The cut off varies across schools depending on demand-supply dynamics and past academic track record of admitted students.


Q1: What is the eligibility criteria for admission to CBSE class 11?

A1: Students need to secure minimum 65% marks or 7 CGPA in Class 10 board exams from any recognized board to be eligible for CBSE class 11 admission.

Q2: What is the PCM cut off for reputed CBSE schools?

A2: For PCM combination, students require minimum 90% each in Maths and Science subjects in class 10 boards along with clearing entrance test cutoff.

Q3: Is entrance test mandatory for CBSE class 11 admission?

A3: Entrance test is not mandatory as per CBSE but reputed CBSE schools conduct entrance exam for Maths/Science before admission.

Q4: What is better - State board or CBSE for 11th and 12th?

A4: CBSE syllabus is more updated, curriculum is structured and accepted globally making it a better choice for 11th & 12th over state boards.

Q5: What percentage is required for Commerce stream in 11th CBSE?

A5: Minimum 85% required in class 10 board exams to get Commerce stream in reputed CBSE schools for 11th admission.

Q6: What is the class 11th Science stream PCB cutoff in CBSE?

A6: There is no defined cutoff for Maths for PCB combination. Students need minimum 90% in Science in class 10 along with overall cut off.