MP E Procurement 2023-24 -

The Madhya Pradesh government has launched the MP E Uparjan portal to provide support to farmers in the state. This online procurement system allows farmers to sell their crops at Minimum Support Price (MSP) rates set by the government. Farmers need to register themselves on this portal to avail the benefits. This article provides an overview of the MP e-procurement scheme, the registration process and key updates related to wheat procurement.

MP E Uparjan Portal Overview

The MP E Uparjan portal serves as an e-procurement platform where farmers can directly sell their Kharif and Rabi crops to the state government at MSP rates, without involvement of middlemen. By registering on the portal, farmers can harvest crops like summer moong, wheat etc. and sell at applicable MSP rates.

This online system aims to increase farmer incomes by eliminating exploitation from middlemen. It also simplifies the selling process through a transparent online method.

Registration Process

Interested farmers need to visit the MP E Uparjan portal ( and register themselves to sell their crops. Registration enables them to directly access government procurement centers and sell produce at assured MSP rates.

Unlike previous years, registration is completely online. Farmers can register from home via computer or mobile phone. This saves them from standing in long queues.

Wheat Procurement 2023 Updates

The MP government has initiated 2023 Rabi wheat procurement from February 6th to 27th, 2023. Farmers can register on the portal during this period. Government centers will procure wheat from March 25th to May 25th.

The online registration and procurement process aims to ensure fair prices to farmers for their hard work. They can now conveniently register sitting at home and sell at desired centers later.

Benefits of MP E-Procurement

The key benefit of the MP e-procurement scheme is that it assures Minimum Support Price to farmers for listed crops. It prevents distress sales to middlemen during bumper harvests when prices crash.

It also gives farmers the freedom to directly sell to government centers closest to them. Online registration and tracking further eases the process without logistical hassles.

Key Features Benefits
Online registration Convenient process from home
Direct selling to government Assured MSP rates
Eliminates middlemen Better income realization

In summary, the MP E-Procurement portal empowers farmers to easily sell their harvested crops directly to the government and receive fair prices.


The MP E Uparjan portal offers farmers a transparent online process to sell their crops at Minimum Support Price.By registering and directly accessing procurement centers, distress sales can be prevented - ensuring steady farm incomes. It signifies the use of technology to solve rural problems.


Q1: What is MP E Uparjan portal?

A1: MP E Uparjan portal is an online procurement system launched by Madhya Pradesh government. It allows farmers to directly sell crops to state centers at MSP.

Q2: Who can register on MP E-Procurement portal?

A2: Any farmer based in Madhya Pradesh growing Kharif or Rabi crops can register themselves on this portal to sell produce.

Q3: What are the key benefits of MP e-procurement scheme?

A3: Key benefits are - assured Minimum Support Price for crops, elimination of middlemen, direct selling to government centers, and online registration facility.

Q4: How can farmers register themselves?

A4: Farmers need to visit website and register through the online process. It can be done easily from a computer or mobile phone.

Q5: Which crops can farmers sell via this system?

A5: Platform supports sale of Kharif crops like summer moong and Rabi crops such as wheat, mustard, gram and lentils at respective MSPs.

Q6: Is registration offline or online?

A6: Unlike previous years, registration is fully online now. Farmers don't need to stand in queues or visit offices.


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