MP Online Public Grievance Redressal Portal

The Madhya Pradesh state government has launched the MP Samadhaan Portal, an online public grievance redressal system, for the benefit of citizens. This portal allows people across the state to register complaints and problems related to any government department. Grievances can be resolved transparently through this system.

Registration of Complaints

To register complaints on the MP Samadhaan Portal, citizens need to visit the portal's website. Complaints can also be sent by post to the Public Grievance Redressal Department. With easy access through the internet from home, this system aims to provide relief regarding complaint redressal.

Portal Features Details
Website Link Madhya Pradesh Government Portal
Alternate Options Postal letter, MP CM helpline
Key Benefit Convenient complaint registration

The MP CM Helpline is also available through toll-free numbers. Around 20-25 complaints are collected on the first Tuesday of every month. After discussion, online solutions are provided.

Languages Supported

Complaints can be registered in Hindi, English or any local language. Other state languages like Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari are also supported. This makes the portal easily accessible to citizens.

Languages Available For convenience of
Hindi, English, Local languages Wide reach across state
Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari People of Uttarakhand origin

Multiple language options ease access and usage of the MP Online Complaint Portal for common people.

Need for the Portal

Earlier, citizens had to make multiple rounds across government departments to get solutions for their complaints. This was time-consuming and problematic.

Key Issues Impact
Visiting government offices repeatedly Time and effort
Delayed complaint resolution Inconvenience

The MP Samadhaan Portal addresses these issues for quick redressal and saving time through online access.

Complaint Registration Process

To register a complaint on the portal, citizens need to follow this process:

Step 1 Visit portal website
Step 2 Login/register on the site
Step 3 Enter complaint details
Step 4 Track complaint status

This simple process allows self-registration of complaints by citizens themselves.

Assistance Options

If users face any issues, they can:

  • Contact the tollfree helpline numbers - 181 or 18002330183
  • Visit the FAQ section on website
  • Send email to helpdesk

Channel Support Available
Helpline numbers Call support
FAQ section Information and guides
Helpdesk email Email support

Multiple assistance channels ensure convenient issue resolution.


The MP Samadhaan Portal provides a convenient online system for public grievance registration and redressal. Through self-service access 24x7, it aims to save time and effort for citizens. The portal offers multi-language support and easy usage which can potentially enhance transparency in governance.


Q1: What services does the MP Samadhaan Portal provide?

A1: The portal allows registration of complaints and issues by citizens related to any government department, which are then addressed for resolution.

Q2: How can users register complaints on the portal?

A2: Complaints can be registered by visiting the portal website and logging in to the online system. Complaint details need to be entered as required.

Q3: What options does the portal offer for easy usage?

A3: The portal provides multi-language support including local regional languages. This enables access and usage by anyone across the state.

Q4: How are user issues handled on the system?

A4: For resolving any issues faced while accessing the system, helpline call support and online help resources like FAQ and helpdesk emails are available.

Q5: How does the portal improve efficiency of complaint resolution?

A5: By providing direct online access for complaint registration, the portal eliminates the need for citizens to repeatedly visit government offices for follow-ups.

Q6: What are some key benefits of the MP Samadhaan Portal?

A6: Benefits include convenient registration of complaints from home, quick and timely resolution, multi-language access, transparency, reduced time and effort for citizens, etc.


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