My Yuva Bharat Portal for Youth Engagement in Nation Building

The My Yuva Bharat Portal has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide opportunities for the youth of India to participate in nation building activities. Through this portal, young people can utilize their skills and abilities to contribute to the development of the country. Registration on the portal allows youth to get involved in various schemes and initiatives focused on national progress.

About My Yuva Bharat Portal

The My Yuva Bharat Portal was announced by PM Modi during his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio address. He highlighted that the portal will enable India's youth to become partners in nation building and unite their energy towards a developed India.

The main objectives are:

  • Make youth partners in nation building
  • Harness youth power for national development
  • Provide opportunities for youth participation in nation building schemes
  • Showcase talents and abilities of Indian youth

By registering on the portal, young people can unleash their potential and contribute to schemes focused on social progress.

Registration Process

To register on the My Yuva Bharat Portal, youth need to follow this process:

  1. Go to the official portal website
  2. Click on the Registration tab and fill in personal details
  3. Select areas of interest like environment, education, rural development etc.
  4. Review details and submit the registration form
  5. A confirmation will be sent to the registered email ID/mobile number

Youths between 15-29 years of age can register on the portal. The process is simple and quick to allow maximum participation.

Schemes for Engagement

Some of the key schemes in which youth can engage are:

  • Digital India initiatives
  • Swachh Bharat and sanitation drives
  • Rural educational outreach programs
  • Environmental conservation activities
  • Promotion of indigenous arts and culture

Youths can select their areas of interest at the time of portal registration to receive specific opportunities.

Benefits for Youth

Participating in nation building through the My Yuva Bharat Portal has many advantages for young people such as:

  • Contributing to national progress
  • Showcasing skills to a wider audience
  • Getting opportunities for self-development
  • Gaining experience in diverse areas
  • Building professional and social connections

Along with playing a role in India's growth story, the portal allows youth to prepare for their own future prospects.

Key Details Information
Launch Announced by PM Modi in Jan 2023
Purpose Engage youth in nation building
Eligibility 15-29 years of age
Registration Online through portal


The My Yuva Bharat Portal enables India's youth to contribute their energy and talents towards national development. By providing participation opportunities across diverse domains, the portal taps into young people's ideas and perspectives for progress. Youth engagement platforms like this recognize young people as valuable stakeholders while allowing them to build skills.


Q1: What is the purpose of My Yuva Bharat Portal?

A1: The purpose is to engage Indian youth in nation building activities by providing participation opportunities in schemes focused on national progress.

Q2: Who can register on the My Yuva Bharat Portal?

A2: Young people between the age group of 15-29 years can register on the portal.

Q3: What kinds of schemes can youth participate in?

A3: Digital governance, environmental protection, rural development, education, skill development, heritage preservation etc.

Q4: What are the benefits for youth?

A4: Self-development, skill building, networking, recognition, career opportunities through contribution to nation building.

Q5: How to register on My Yuva Bharat Portal?

A5: Visit portal, enter personal details, choose interest areas, review form, submit details, validate email/mobile for confirmation.

Q6: Where can one access the portal?

A6: The portal can be accessed online at the website


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