NPTEL Swayam Pass Mark 2023 - Minimum Marks, Pass Percentage Criteria

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) provides online certification courses in engineering, science, humanities and other subjects. Students are assessed through weekly assignments and final proctored exams. To be certified, learners need to secure the minimum passing marks prescribed by NPTEL.

This article provides complete information on the NPTEL Swayam pass marks 2023, minimum qualifying criteria, pass percentage rules, and other important details related to clearing the course and earning NPTEL certification.

NPTEL Swayam Pass Mark Details

As per the NPTEL passing criteria, learners need to secure a minimum score of 40 out of 100 marks in both the average assignment marks and the final exam score. Only those who achieve this minimum passing mark in assignments as well as exams will be awarded the NPTEL certificate.

There is no provision for a re-exam for those who fail to secure the required pass mark. Failed candidates can enroll for the certification exam again in the next cycle.

The final exam result and NPTEL qualification decision cannot be contested or reviewed further.

Component Minimum Pass Mark
Average Assignment Score 40 out of 100
Final Exam Score 40 out of 100

NPTEL Certificate Evaluation Process

The step-wise process for earning NPTEL certification is:

  1. Course videos and weekly assignments are made available after enrollment
  2. Teaching Assistants help address student queries on the discussion forum
  3. Based on average assignment performance and final exam score, results are declared
  4. Students crossing the minimum pass mark criteria are awarded NPTEL certificates

The score required to pass individual assignments may vary across courses. But the final NPTEL passing mark remains 40 out of 100 in assignments and exams.

NPTEL Exam Pattern

The NPTEL certification exams are conducted online and can be taken remotely from home. Students get 2 attempts with a gap of 15 days between attempts.

The exam duration is 2 hours and comprises of 25 multiple choice questions of either 1 or 2 marks each, adding up to 50 marks. Negative marking of 1/3rd per wrong attempt applies.

Programming exams have a different pattern consisting only of coding based questions.

Validity of NPTEL Certification

The NPTEL certificates earned after crossing the minimum pass percentage rules remain valid forever. These credits can be transferred to colleges or submitted to employers.

Only digital NPTEL certificates are issued nowadays. Hard copies are not provided. The credentials can be easily verified online using the certificate number.

Significance of NPTEL Certification

NPTEL certification holds importance for several reasons:

  • Boosts engineering career prospects
  • Equips with in-demand technical skills
  • Course content is designed by IIT/IISc faculty
  • Certification adds value to resume
  • Credits can be transferred to colleges

By meeting the NPTEL eligibility criteria of 40% pass mark, students can unlock a wealth of benefits.


To summarize, an average assignment score and final exam score of minimum 40 out of 100 marks is essential to be certified by NPTEL Swayam. The certificates have lifelong validity and serve to augment engineering/science careers.


Q1: What is the NPTEL pass mark for certification?

A1: The NPTEL pass mark is a minimum of 40 out of 100 in the average assignment score and at least 40 out of 100 in the final proctored exam. Students need to secure 40% in both components.

Q2: Does NPTEL allow re-exams if I fail?

A2: No, NPTEL does not offer re-exams. If you fail to obtain the passing marks criteria, you have to enroll again for the next batch of that course.

Q3: Is there negative marking in NPTEL certification exams?

A3: Yes, NPTEL final exams carry 1/3 negative marking for every wrong answer marked by students.

Q4: How long is an NPTEL certification valid for?

A4: The NPTEL certificates have lifelong validity once issued. They do not have any defined expiry period or date.

Q5: Can I get hard copies of my NPTEL certificates?

A5: No, NPTEL issues only digital certificates nowadays. No hard copies are provided to students who qualify.

Q6: Can I transfer NPTEL credits to my college?

A6: Yes, on achieving the NPTEL pass percentage criteria you can get the course credits transferred to your college curriculum in lieu of equivalent courses.