Odisha Jail Warder Physical Test 2023 Details and Selection Process

The Odisha Prisons Recruitment Board conducts the physical test for the post of Jail Warder. It is the second stage of selection after the Computer Based Test. The fitness test comprises of two components - Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and Physical Standard Test (PST).

Important Details - Odisha Jail Warder Physical Eligibility Criteria

Parameter Criteria
Citizenship Indian
Character Of good moral character
Health Sound health and physique
Language Skills Should be able to speak, read and write Odia
Criminal Background Should not have been convicted of any offense
Marital Status Not more than one spouse

The eligibility criteria outlines the basic qualifications in terms of citizenship, character, health, language ability, criminal record and marital status.

Rules for Odisha Jail Warder Physical Test

Rule Description
Grievances Any complaints must be brought up before the test date to the OPRB Chairman
Risk Disclaimer Candidates appear at their own risk, Board not liable for any loss or injury

The rules state that candidates must voice grievances before the test date for redressal. Also, applicants appear at their own risk and the Board does not hold responsibility.

Physical Standard Test Details

The PST evaluates height, weight and chest measurements of candidates as per category-based benchmarks.

Gender Standards
Men (UR/SEBC) Height - 168 cm; Weight - 55 kg; Chest - 79/84 cm
Men (SC/ST) Height - 163 cm; Weight - 50 kg; Chest - 76/81 cm
Women (UR/SEBC) Height - 158 cm; Weight - 47.5 kg
Women (SC/ST) Height - 153 cm; Weight - 45 kg

The PST standards differentiate between categories and genders with separate height, weight and chest benchmarks.

Physical Efficiency Test Activities

The PET evaluates cardiovascular efficiency through running and muscular power by the long jump test.

Gender Test Activities
Men 1.6 km run in 7 minutes; 3 long jumps of 3.66 meters
Women 1.6 km run in 9 minutes; 3 long jumps of 2.75 meters

The PET activities test the running and jumping capability of candidates with separate benchmarks for men and women.

Odisha Jail Warder Selection Process

The selection involves 3 stages - Computer Based Test, Physical Standard Test and Physical Efficiency Test.

Stage Details
CBT MCQ Written Exam
PST Height, Weight, Chest Measurements
PET 1.6 km Run, Long Jump

Candidates must qualify each stage - CBT, PST and PET to be eligible for selection as Jail Warders in Odisha.


The Odisha Jail Warder physical test is conducted by the OPRB to assess the physical standards and efficiency of applicants. It comprises PST to measure height, weight etc. and PET to evaluate endurance and agility. Performance in these physical tests is qualifying in nature.


Q1: What are the physical eligibility criteria for Odisha Jail Warder?

A1: Candidates must be Indian citizens in sound health and physique, of good moral character, with ability to speak Odia. They should not have a criminal record or more than 1 spouse.

Q2: What parameters are evaluated in the Physical Standard Test?

A2: Height, weight and male chest measurements of candidates are evaluated against category-based benchmarks in the Physical Standard Test.

Q3: What activities are tested in the Physical Efficiency Test?

A3: The PET evaluates running capability through 1.6 km race and muscular strength by long jump test with separate time limits for men and women.

Q4: How many stages are there in Jail Warder selection?

A4: The Odisha Jail Warder selection process has 3 stages - Computer Based Test, Physical Standard Test and Physical Efficiency Test.

Q5: Can candidates file complaints about the physical test?

A5: Yes, grievances regarding measurement or activities must be filed to the OPRB Chairman before the test date for resolution.

Q6: Who conducts the Odisha Jail Warder physical test?

A6: The Odisha Prisons Recruitment Board is responsible for conducting the physical efficiency and physical standard tests.


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