Odisha Police Civil Constable Salary, Allowances and Job Profile

The Odisha Police Civil Constable role offers good career prospects along with a decent salary package. As per the latest pay scales, the starting basic pay is Rs. 5200 in Pay Band 1 along with a grade pay of Rs. 2000.

In addition to the basic salary, Odisha Police Constables also receive a range of allowances and perks such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, retirement benefits and medical allowances.

Important Details - Odisha Police Civil Constable Salary Breakdown

Component Amount
Basic Pay Rs. 5200 (Pay Band 1)
Grade Pay Rs. 2000
Dearness Allowance 12% of basic pay
House Rent Allowance 24% of basic pay

Based on these salary components, the total in-hand salary for an Odisha Police Civil Constable ranges from Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 28,000 per month.

The grade pay increases incrementally over the 6 year contract period starting from Rs. 9000 in the first year and going up to Rs. 14500 in the sixth year.

Job Profile of Odisha Police Civil Constable

Key Responsibilities Main Duties
Administrative tasks Preparing daily reports, registering FIRs
Support functions Assisting senior officials, handling crime scenes
Enforcement activities Overseeing law and order in locality

In terms of career progression, an Odisha Police Constable can rise up to the ranks of Head Constable, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Additional Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Allowances and Perks for Odisha Police Constables

In addition to the basic salary and grade pay, Odisha Police Constables are entitled to various allowances and perks such as:

Allowance Details
Dearness Allowance 12% of basic pay
House Rent Allowance 24% of basic pay
Travel Allowance For commuting and duty travel
Medical Allowances covers medical expenses

The retirement benefits are also very good, providing long term financial security to the Constables.

Promotion Policy for Odisha Police Constables

The promotion policy follows merit-based and tenure-based channels. Based on performance, Constables can rise up to senior positions like ACP and DCP over their career span.

Channel Promotion Criteria
Merit Channel Performance based
Normal Channel Tenure based

The incentive policies aim to motivate the Constables to excel in their roles while safeguarding their monetary benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Basic Pay - Rs. 5200 + Grade Pay of Rs. 2000
  • In-hand Salary - Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 28,000 per month
  • Allowances include DA, HRA, TA, Medical benefits etc.
  • Job involves administrative, enforcement and support duties
  • Promotion policy follows merit and tenure based channels


The Odisha Police Civil Constable job role offers a good pay package with opportunities for professional advancement over time. The grade pay increases annually leading to rising in-hand salary over the contractual period. The allowances and other monetary benefits also add to the overall earnings.


Q1: What is the entry level in-hand salary for Odisha Police Constable?

A1: The starting in-hand salary is between Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 28,000 per month which includes basic pay, grade pay and key allowances like DA and HRA.

Q2: How can an Odisha Police Constable get promoted to higher ranks?

A2: Promotions are done through merit-based and tenure-based channels. Good performance can help Constables rise up to senior positions like ACP and DCP over their career.

Q3: What allowances are provided to Odisha Police Civil Constables?

A3: Key allowances include Dearness Allowance (12% of basic pay), House Rent Allowance (24% of basic pay), Travel Allowance and Medical Allowance to cover expenses.

Q4: How does the grade pay progress annually for Odisha Police Constables?

A4: The grade pay starts from Rs. 9000 in Year 1 and increases by roughly 10% annually up till Rs. 14500 by Year 6 of the 6 year contract period.

Q5: What is covered under retirement benefits for Odisha Police Constables?

A5: The retirement benefits provide long term financial security post completion of service. This includes pension payments and other monetary payouts.

Q6: What is the career growth trajectory for an Odisha Police Constable?

A6: Starting as a Constable, promotions can be attained over time to positions like Head Constable, ASI, SI, ACP and eventually DCP as well.


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