PM Kisan Next Installment Release Date 2023

The Indian government launched the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme to provide financial support of Rs 6000 per year to small and marginal farmers in the country. The amount is disbursed in three equal installments of Rs 2000 directly into the bank accounts of eligible farmer families every four months.

The government has announced that the next installment, which is the 15th installment under the scheme, will be released on November 15, 2023. This article provides details about the PM Kisan next installment date, total installments released so far, eligibility criteria for the scheme, and the process to check the beneficiary status to verify if the installment amount has been credited.

PM Kisan 15th Installment Release Date

The government has declared November 15, 2023 as the PM Kisan next installment date when the 15th installment under the scheme will be credited to the bank accounts of eligible beneficiaries. The occasion will be graced by PM Narendra Modi himself during an event organized in Jharkhand.

So far, 14 installments have already been released under the scheme since its inception in December 2018. The PM Kisan installment dates of previous releases are as follows:

Installment No. Date of Release
1st December 2018
2nd April 1, 2019
3rd August 1, 2019
4th November 8, 2019
5th April 1, 2020
6th May 11, 2020
7th August 1, 2020
8th November 2, 2020
9th April 11, 2021
10th November 6, 2021
11th March 15, 2022
12th May 16, 2022
13th August 9, 2022
14th October 18, 2022

The upcoming 15th installment will provide further relief for small and marginal farmers who have been facing financial difficulties.

Eligibility Criteria for PM-KISAN Scheme

The government has set the following eligibility criteria for farmers to avail benefits under the PM-KISAN scheme:

  • The farmer's family should own agricultural land of up to 2 hectares.
  • The land should be owned by a family comprising of husband, wife and minor children.
  • Adult children are excluded from the scheme benefits.
  • Farmers should have a valid and up-to-date land ownership document to prove ownership of land.

Additionally, the farmers should have their e-KYC authentication completed with Aadhaar seeding to their registered mobile number. Only then they will start receiving the installments.

PM Kisan Beneficiary Status

The table below shows the total number of beneficiaries registered under the scheme as well as the status of e-KYC authentication:

Total Beneficiaries Aadhaar Authenticated Beneficiaries
Over 11 Crore Around 8.46 Crore (76%)

As shown, over 11 crore beneficiaries have registered themselves to avail PM-KISAN scheme benefits. However, only around 76% or 8.46 crore beneficiaries have completed their e-KYC authentication so far, which is required to receive the installments.

The government has made e-KYC authentication compulsory. So, the remaining beneficiaries need to complete this step at the earliest to receive funds in their bank accounts.

Process to Check Beneficiary Status

Follow the process below to check PM Kisan beneficiary status to verify if the installment amount has been credited:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click on the Beneficiary Status option
  3. Enter your Aadhaar number or registered account number or registered mobile number
  4. Enter the captcha code shown
  5. Click on the Get data button
  6. The details will be displayed with amount paid so far and beneficiary status

If the status shows ‘No 15th Installment’, it indicates that the amount has not been credited yet to your bank account. You can try checking again after few days.


The PM Kisan scheme has benefited millions of marginal farmers across India since 2018. The latest upcoming installment on November 15, 2023 will further provide financial aid of Rs 2000 to eligible farmers.

Hopefully, this article has provided clarity on all key aspects regarding the next PM Kisan installment date, eligibility criteria, beneficiary status check process, etc. Please complete e-KYC formalities if not done already to receive funds in bank account.


Q1: When is the PM Kisan 15th installment release date?

A1: The government has announced November 15, 2023 as the PM Kisan next installment release date when the 15th tranche of funds will be credited to beneficiaries.

Q2: How much money will eligible farmers get in next installment?

A2: The benefit is Rs 6000 annually which is disbursed as Rs 2000 every 4 months. So the 15th installment will also comprise of Rs 2000 to be transferred per eligible farmer family.

Q3: Who declared the official date for next installment?

A3: It was declared officially by the Government of India led by PM Narendra Modi. The occasion will be marked by PM Modi's presence in Jharkhand state.

Q4: How many installments have been released before under the scheme?

A4: The upcoming tranche will be the 15th one, previous to which 14 installments have already been credited to beneficiary accounts since 2018.

Q5: How to check if money is received from PM Kisan in bank account?

A5: Eligible beneficiaries can check their PM Kisan beneficiary status and installment credit by visiting portal and entering relevant details.

Q6: Can family member apart from spouse check PM Kisan status?

A6: No, the ownership documents are limited to the farmer, spouse and minor children only. Adult children cannot check status in their name.


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