Punjab Sarkar Tuhade Dwar Yojana

The Sarkar Tuhade Dwar Yojana has been launched by the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab to provide government services at the doorsteps of citizens. This scheme aims to eliminate corruption and hassles faced by people in availing services.

Key Features

Some key features of the scheme are:

  • 43 government services to be provided at doorstep
  • Services like birth/death certificates, income certificates etc.
  • 4000 door step operators recruited
  • People can call helpline number 1076 to avail services
Benefits Details
No queues & wastage of time Services at home so no need to visit offices
Reduced corruption Middlemen eliminated through door step delivery
Citizen convenience On call doorstep services for govt paperwork

Services Covered

The scheme will allow citizens to easily obtain important certificates and documents like:

  • Birth/death certificates
  • Income/residence proofs
  • Marriage registration
  • Caste certificates
  • Pension paperwork
  • Land records access

Overall 43 services will be covered, meeting needs of citizens.

Implementation Methodology

To avail services under Sarkar Tuhade Dwar Yojana, citizens need to:

  1. Call the helpline number 1076
  2. Inform required service and details
  3. Government representative will visit to collect paperwork
  4. Citizens will receive SMS with service details
  5. Doorstep operators will fulfil application process for the service

This eliminates visits to offices for routine government paperwork.

Expectations from the Scheme

The key expectations from this AAP scheme are:

  • Increased ease for citizens in accessing services
  • Reduction in corruption through doorstep delivery model
  • Savings in time and effort for citizens
  • Better adoption of government schemes and benefits
Metric Target
Citizen Satisfaction 90% approval ratings
Service Accessibility 50% increased usage
Corruption Reduction 60% decrease in violations

Impact on Citizens

This scheme aims to positively impact citizens by:

  • Saving time and effort of citizens
  • Increasing penetration of government services
  • Empowering citizens through document accessibility
  • Reducing middlemen culture in service delivery

It puts control back in hands of citizens for government processes.

Way Forward

Effective implementation of this scheme can set an example for citizen-centric governance. Some recommendations are:

  • Expand services offered beyond initial 43
  • Enable online tracking and feedback mechanisms
  • Conduct awareness campaigns to increase adoption
  • Ensure timely service delivery via doorstep visits

Continued focus on making life easier for citizens should lead the way.


The Sarkar Tuhade Dwar Yojana has potential to significantly improve delivery and reduce corruption for public services. Successful execution can showcase a modern model of administration focused on ease of living for common citizens.


Q1: What is the purpose of Sarkar Tuhade Dwar Yojana?

A1: The purpose is to provide government services at doorsteps of citizens to improve convenience, accessibility and transparency.

Q2: How many services will be covered under this scheme?

A2: 43 different government services will be covered under the scheme including certificates, registrations, bill payments etc.

Q3: Who launched the Sarkar Tuhade Dwar Yojana?

A3: The scheme was launched by Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Q4: How can citizens avail services under this scheme?

A4: Citizens need to call the helpline 1076 and book services. Doorstep operators will then visit to provide the service.

Q5: How will this scheme help citizens?

A5: It will save time and effort of citizens by delivering government services at their doorstep.

Q6: How many operators have been deployed for this scheme?

A6: Around 4000 operators across Punjab have been tasked to deliver services under this scheme.


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