Rajasthan Free Electricity Scheme for Farmers

The Rajasthan government has launched the Rajasthan Free Electricity Scheme to provide financial relief to farmers by giving free electricity for agricultural purposes. This scheme aims to benefit 12 lakh farmers by providing free electricity worth ₹10,000 per year.

Details of the Free Electricity Scheme

The free electricity scheme provides up to ₹10,000 of free electricity per year to general category farmers for their agricultural connections. Under this, ₹833 per month will be deposited in the bank accounts of eligible farmers through DBT. The scheme covers free electricity for up to 50 units per month for farmers using up to 100 units.

Key Aspect Details
Launch Launched in November 2018
Beneficiaries 12 lakh general category farmers
Free Electricity Worth ₹10,000 per year
Subsidy ₹833 per month via DBT

Interested beneficiaries can apply online to avail the benefits. The scheme aims to ease difficulties faced by farmers related to electricity access and billing.

Objectives of the Scheme

The main objectives of the Rajasthan free electricity scheme are:

  • Provide financial relief to farmers by giving free electricity for irrigation
  • Support agriculture activities by making electricity easily available
  • Benefit 12 lakh general category farmers across rural Rajasthan

By reimbursing electricity costs, the scheme enables farmers to use electricity liberally for farming activities like operating pumps, equipment etc. This is expected to help improve agricultural productivity.

Benefits to Farmers

The key benefits provided by the free electricity scheme to farmers are:

  • Get free electricity worth ₹10,000 annually for agricultural needs
  • Subsidy of ₹833 to be deposited monthly in their bank accounts
  • Free electricity for up to 50 units per month for using up to 100 units
  • Financial relief to invest more in agriculture, tools and equipment

By reducing electricity costs for farmers, the scheme enables them to utilize electric resources better for farming. It provides monetary help to buy newer tools, implements and invest further in agriculture.

Beneficiaries of the Scheme

The Rajasthan free electricity scheme aims to cover the following beneficiaries:

  • 12 lakh general category farmers across rural Rajasthan
  • 25 lakh connections using less than 50 units per month
  • 1.18 crore domestic electricity connections

For domestic usage up to 150 units, a discounted rate of ₹3 per unit will be charged. By extending coverage, the scheme ensures larger population especially farmers and rural families benefit from power subsidy.


The Rajasthan government's free electricity scheme aims to provide financial aid to farmers by bearing costs up to ₹10,000 annually. By directly transferring electricity subsidy into bank accounts and ensuring free access for agricultural needs, the scheme hopes to ease difficulties of rural farmers. It promises to make electricity more affordable for farms leading to better productivity.


Q1: When was the free electricity scheme launched in Rajasthan?

A1: The Rajasthan free electricity scheme was launched in November 2018.

Q2: Who are the beneficiaries of this scheme?

A2: 12 lakh general category farmers across rural Rajasthan are the prime beneficiaries. Apart from this, 25 lakh connections using up to 50 units per month and 1.18 crore domestic connections can also avail benefits.

Q3: How will the free electricity subsidy be provided?

A3: Under the scheme, ₹833 per month will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of beneficiaries through DBT towards electricity subsidy.

Q4: What is the total annual subsidy amount?

A4: The scheme provides free electricity for agricultural connections worth ₹10,000 annually to all eligible general category farmers.

Q5: Who can apply to get the electricity subsidy?

A5: Interested and eligible farmers who meet the scheme criteria can apply online to avail free electricity benefits.

Q6: What is the objective of this scheme?

A6: The main objectives are providing financial aid to farmers for agri needs, enabling better electricity access, and boosting agriculture productivity in Rajasthan.


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