RNC Renewal Certificate Download and Registration Renewal Process

The Rajasthan Nursing Council (RNC) plays a crucial role in regulating and advancing nursing practice and education in Rajasthan. Nurses practicing in the state need to renew their registration with the RNC in order to maintain their professional standing and further their nursing careers.

To make the renewal process more convenient for nursing professionals, the RNC has implemented an online renewal registration system. This article explains the step-by-step process to renew your RNC registration online and pay the fees from the comfort of your home.

Important Details - Documents Required

Document Details
Phone number Active phone number for OTP verification
Email ID Active email ID for registration communication
10th Marksheet For date of birth verification

RNC Registration Renewal Notification Details

Particulars Details
Recruiter RNC Jaipur
Designation Nursing
Official Website http://rncjaipur.org

The RNC plays a vital role in monitoring and enhancing nursing education and practice standards across Rajasthan. To continue practicing as nurses, candidates need to renew their registration periodically with the RNC Jaipur.

RNC Certificate Renewal Process

The key steps in the RNC certificate renewal process are:

Step Action Item
1 Visit RNC portal and click on renewal link
2 Enter registration no. and OTP sent to mobile
3 Update profile information if any

Candidates need to renew their RNC registration every 5 years within the due date to continue as a licensed nursing professional in Rajasthan.

How to Renew RNC Certificate Online

Follow the steps below to renew your RNC certificate online:

# Step
1 Visit official website rncjaipur.org
2 Click on Online Services and select Renewal
3 Enter registration no, OTP to login

Make the renewal fee payment via netbanking, debit card, credit card etc. to complete the online renewal process and download your updated RNC certificate.

RNC Renewal Fees

The RNC certificate renewal fees is Rs. 3,200 for all candidates. Additional charges apply for late renewals as penalty.

Renewal Type Fees
Regular Renewal Rs. 3,200
Late Renewal Rs. 3,200 + Penalty

Keep your RNC registration active by renewing it before the expiry date every 5 years.


Renewing RNC registration on time is essential for nurses to continue practicing in Rajasthan legally. The online renewal process simplifies this procedure. Ensure you renew the certificate every 5 years within the due date by following the steps covered.


Q1: How often should I renew my RNC registration?

A1: RNC registration needs to be renewed every 5 years to continue as an authorized nursing professional in Rajasthan.

Q2: What is the fee for renewing RNC certificate?

A2: The standard RNC renewal fee is Rs. 3,200. Late renewals also need to pay an additional penalty amount.

Q3: Can I renew my RNC certificate offline?

A3: No, RNC certificate can only be renewed online by visiting the official portal rncjaipur.org.

Q4: What documents do I need for RNC renewal?

A4: You need your previous RNC registration number, OTP sent to your registered mobile number and renewal fee payment to renew the certificate.

Q5: How do I get OTP for logging into RNC portal?

A5: OTP is sent automatically to your registered mobile number when you enter your registration details to login to the portal.

Q6: Whom should I contact for assistance with RNC renewal process?

A6: You can contact the RNC Jaipur office or email helpdesk at rncjaipurhelp@gmail.com for any renewal registration queries.