RPSC Food Safety Officer Salary and Benefits

The role of a Food Safety Officer (FSO) involves ensuring compliance with food safety regulations. FSOs inspect food business establishments and collect samples for testing. They advise food businesses on good practices and enforce regulations when needed.

Key Responsibilities Main Activities
Inspections Inspect premises, processes, transportation, raw materials, packaging etc.
Sampling Collect food samples and send to laboratories for testing
Enforcement Take legal action for non-compliance with food laws

Salary and Allowances

As per 7th Pay Commission, FSO salary includes the following components:

  • Basic Pay: Rs. 35,400 per month (Pay Level 6)
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4,200 per month
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • Other allowances as applicable

Other Benefits

In addition to salary and allowances, FSOs also get several other benefits from RPSC:

  • Pension plan
  • Medical coverage
  • Paid leaves and holidays
  • Official vehicle for field visits
  • Loans at subsidized interest rates

Career Growth Prospects

FSOs have good opportunities for career advancement in RPSC. Some promotion avenues are:

  • Deputy Food Safety Officer
  • Food Safety Officer Grade I
  • Assistant Commissioner Food Safety
  • Joint Commissioner Food Safety
  • Additional Commissioner Food Safety

Promotions depend on performance appraisal reports and availability of vacancies.

Transfer Policies

RPSC allows inter-departmental and intra-departmental transfers for FSOs based on:

  • Completion of tenure in a post
  • Special circumstances like health issues
  • Administrative requirements

Transfers can be within the same district or other districts in Rajasthan.

Retirement Policies

The retirement age for RPSC Food Safety Officers is 60 years. On retirement, they receive pension benefits based on years of service, last-drawn salary, etc.

FSOs contribute towards New Pension Scheme (NPS) during their tenure.


RPSC Food Safety Officers get a good salary package along with regular increments, allowances, and strong career growth opportunities. The job involves field visits across Rajasthan to ensure food safety compliance.

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Q1: What is the grade pay of RPSC Food Safety Officer?

A1: An RPSC Food Safety Officer gets grade pay of Rs. 4,200 per month as per 7th Pay Commission norms.

Q2: How much salary does an RPSC Food Safety Officer get?

A2: Total monthly salary includes basic pay of Rs. 35,400 (Pay Level 6), grade pay of Rs. 4,200 plus allowances like DA, HRA etc.

Q3: What allowances and benefits do RPSC Food Safety Officers receive?

A3: Key allowances and benefits include DA, HRA, TA, pension, medical coverage, paid leaves, official vehicle, loans and more.

Q4: What is the criteria for promotion of RPSC Food Safety Officers?

A4: Promotions are based on annual performance appraisal reports, availability of vacancies and years of service in the existing post.

Q5: Can RPSC Food Safety Officers get transferred?

A5: Yes, RPSC allows inter and intra departmental transfers based on tenure completion, health issues or administrative requirements.

Q6: At what age do RPSC Food Safety Officers retire?

A6: The retirement age is 60 years. Retirement benefits include pension calculated on last salary and years of service.


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