SPPU Rechecking Results 2023

Once the officials of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) finish the result process, they start releasing details about revaluation/rechecking. Some unsatisfied candidates apply for revaluation to get extra marks for the completed exams. After completing the revaluation, the university releases the SPPU rechecking results on the website unipune.ac.in.

About SPPU Rechecking

SPPU allows students to apply for revaluation if they are unsatisfied with their results. Rechecking involves re-evaluating the answer sheets by another examiner. This gives students a second chance to improve their scores if any mistakes were made during the initial evaluation.

The revaluation process involves the following steps:

  • Students apply for rechecking by paying the prescribed fees.
  • The university collects the answer sheets of these students from the exam centers.
  • These sheets are then re-evaluated by expert faculty thoroughly.
  • If any discrepancies are found, the marks are revised accordingly.
  • Finally, updated marksheets are issued to the students.

The key benefits of SPPU revaluation are:

  • It acts as a double check for evaluation discrepancies.
  • Gives a chance to students to improve their scores if undermarked.
  • Brings more transparency and fairness to the evaluation system.

Checking SPPU Rechecking Results

Once SPPU completes the revaluation process, it publishes the rechecking results on its official website unipune.ac.in. To check their results, students have to visit the website and enter their exam roll number and other asked details.

The direct links to check SPPU rechecking results for different exams are provided below:

  • SPPU Engineering Rechecking Results - Link
  • SPPU BSc Rechecking Results - Link
  • SPPU BA Rechecking Results - Link
  • SPPU BCom Rechecking Results - Link

Students must regularly visit the official website for updates on result declaration. The rechecking results are usually released within 1-2 months of applying for revaluation.

SPPU Revaluation Results Analysis

As per trends, around 3-5% of students who apply for SPPU rechecking receive an increase in their scores. The maximum increase seen is around 15-20 marks per subject.

The key highlights of SPPU revaluation results analysis are:

  • 65% of applicants maintain their original scores even after rechecking.
  • 30% may obtain minor increments of 1-5 marks post revaluation.
  • Only 3-5% obtain significant increments of 10-15 marks.
  • Very few get decrements in their scores after rechecking.

Though not all students get benefits from revaluation, it still gives a chance to those who feel their papers were not checked properly in the first place. It brings them some mental peace even if the results remain unchanged.

Marks Required to Pass After Rechecking

The minimum passing marks in SPPU exams is 40% aggregated. For subjects with theory and practical components, students need 40% in theory and practical individually as well as together.

If a student fails in the original evaluation but passes after rechecking, the revised marks will be considered as the final score. But if there is no change after revaluation in fail status, the original marks will be taken as the scores.

After Result Declaration

After the rechecking results are announced by SPPU, passed students can apply for their updated marksheets and certificates. Failed students have to appear for supplementary exams conducted by the university.

Students should also pay the revaluation fees if not paid earlier to complete the process formally after getting the rechecking results.


SPPU revaluation gives students a fair chance to get their papers re-evaluated if they are unsatisfied with the results. Though maximum benefit is seen in 3-5% cases only, it still provides mental assurance to students. They should regularly check the SPPU website for rechecking results updates after applying for revaluation.


Q1: When will SPPU announce the rechecking results?

A1: SPPU usually declares rechecking results within 1-2 months of receiving applications. Students must keep checking the website regularly.

Q2: Can marks decrease after SPPU revaluation?

A2: There is a very rare chance of marks decreasing after rechecking by SPPU. It is seen in less than 1% cases.

Q3: How much fees does SPPU charge for revaluation?

A3: SPPU charges approx. Rs. 250-500 per subject for rechecking applications. The fees depends on the type of exam.

Q4: Can students apply for revaluation after seeing results?

A4: Yes, students can apply for SPPU rechecking only after the original results are declared.

Q5: Does SPPU issue new marksheets after revaluation?

A5: If there is a change in marks after rechecking, SPPU sends updated marksheets to the students.

Q6: What if marks don't improve after rechecking by SPPU?

A6: If there is no change after revaluation, the original marks given to the student will be considered final.


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