Summarization and Analysis of College Engineering Exam Results

Vaagdevi College of Engineering recently conducted semester exams for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students are now awaiting results, which will be released online on the college website By entering details like roll number and date of birth, students can access their scorecards.

The assessment was completed in August 2022. The university has since been working on post-evaluation tasks like result preparation as per the exam notification.

This article provides updates on the Vaagdevi result date, direct link to check scores, and the reassessment process for students unsatisfied with their marks.

Result Details

The Vaagdevi results will include the following details:

Information Details
Center Name and location of exam center
Scores Minimum and maximum marks obtained
Student Details Name, roll number
Exam Details Name of test, date conducted

Accessing Vaagdevi College Results Online

To check the results online, students should:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the appropriate course and exam year
  3. Enter roll number on the portal
  4. Access scorecard displayed on the website

Reassessment Process

Students unsatisfied with their scores can apply for re-evaluation and re-verification by:

  • Filling out the reassessment form available from college registrar office
  • Paying the applicable reassessment fees
  • Submitting the completed form before the last date

The reassessment dates and other details will be updated on the portal.


The Vaagdevi College results provide an overview of students' semester exam performances. By following the steps outlined here, students can securely access their scorecards online. Reassessment can also be applied for by submitting applications before the deadline.


Q1: Where will the Vaagdevi College results be published?

A1: The results will be published online on the official website

Q2: What details need to be entered to access the results?

A2: Students need to enter information like roll number, date of birth or student ID to view their scorecards.

Q3: Who conducts the semester examinations for Vaagdevi College?

A3: The semester examinations are conducted by the Vaagdevi College administration and overseen by the university.

Q4: Can students apply for re-evaluation of exam papers?

A4: Yes, students unsatisfied with their scores can fill out and submit reassessment forms along with the applicable fees.

Q5: How can students find out re-evaluation timelines and updates?

A5: All updates regarding reassessment like dates, procedures etc. will be provided on the official college website.

Q6: Will final marks change after re-evaluation?

A6: If mistakes are found after re-checking the exam papers, the final scores will be revised accordingly.


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