Summary and Analysis of Passages on New Horizon College Results and Other Topics

This summary covers two main passages - the first is on details regarding New Horizon College results, while the second is a set of content writing guidelines. Key information from both passages will be summarized throughout the piece.

New Horizon College Results Overview

Exam Key Details
Semester Exams - Held in Feb/March
- Results available from July @
- Can apply for revaluation if unsatisfied

The first passage outlines details related to the semester exam results at New Horizon College of Engineering. The exams were held in February/March 2023 and the results will be accessible starting in July 2023 at the college's website -

Students who are not satisfised with their marks can submit an application for revaluation. The college will provide a link for this on their portal. By applying for reassessment students may be able to improve their scores.

Accessing New Horizon College Results

Login Credentials Result Details
- Registration number
- Date of birth
- Exam center details
- Name
- Photo
- Total marks
- Secured marks
- Grade
- Remarks

To access their results, students need to enter their registration number and date of birth to log into the portal. Key details provided in the result include exam center information, candidate name and photo, total marks, marks obtained, grade, and remarks.

The authority's decisions regarding revaluation and transparency appeals will be final. Detailed procedures for such requests can be obtained from respective college departments.

Content Writing Guidelines Analysis

Length Structure Expectations
- 3000 words
- Outline uses 80 words for 5 headings
- Introduction
- 5 Headings
- Conclusion
- Table summarizing details
- 6 question FAQ section

The second passage outlines a variety of expectations regarding formatting a 3000 word summary. This includes desired structure elements like an introduction, five key headings with 80 word outlines, a conclusion, a details table, and a frequently asked questions section with 6 items.

The passage also provides formatting guidelines requiring use of HTML tags for paragraphs, line breaks, text bolding, lists, etc. to structure the text appropriately. Following the exact formatting indicated is emphasized.

Content Writing Guidance

Instruction Keywords Style Expecations
- Paraphrase intelligently
- Use simple words and voice
- Maintain logical flow
- Stick to facts/avoid opinions
- Apply line spacing
- Clear language
- Neutral tone
- Focus on communication

In producing the summarized content, the author highlights key word instructions to keep in mind regarding the writing style and approach expected. These include properly paraphrasing content in an intelligent way, using simple wording and active voice, logically structuring the flow, and sticking to facts rather than opinions.

Formatting style guidance is also provided suggesting the use of line spacing, clear and simple language, a neutral tone, and a focus on effective communication of the content.


Q: When will semester exam results be available for New Horizon College students?

A: The results are expected to be accessible starting in July 2023 at

Q: What details are included in the New Horizon College exam results?

A: Key details include exam center information, student name and photo, total/secured marks, grade, and remarks.

Q: How long should the summary content be?

A: The expected length is 3000 words total.

Q: What kind of text formatting is expected?

A: HTML tags should be used for paragraphs, line breaks, text bolding, lists, tables, etc.

Q: What approach should be taken in summarizing the information?

A: Guidance suggests paraphrasing intelligently, using simple words/voice, logical flow, and focusing on clear communication.

Q: What writing style should be used?

A: Expectations include neutral tone, active voice, appropriate line spacing, and avoidance of opinions.


In summary, the key passage details New Horizon College's timeline for releasing semester exam results and outlines the credentials and information included in accessing those results. The second passage provides structure, formatting, style, and approach guidance for presenting summarized content on these and other potential topics.

By following the recommendations and instructions highlighted, an effective 3000 word summarized analysis can be produced to met expectations.


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