Tech Mahindra Technical Test Overview

The Tech Mahindra technical test consists of 26 questions - 1 coding and 25 MCQs from computer science topics. It is held for 75 minutes. The pattern covers programming logic, data structures, OOPs, databases, OS, networks, etc.

Subjects No. of Questions
Coding 1
Technical MCQs 25

The test aims to evaluate real-world application of concepts in development and technology.

Sample Technical MCQs

The article provides a compilation of Tech Mahindra's past technical test questions as samples to understand the pattern and level of questions asked.

Concept Sample Question
Automobiles Which vehicle is generally provided with four wheel drive?
Computer Hardware The starter motor is driven by?
Programming The switch statement is used in programming as a replacement for multiple ______ statements.

These MCQs test basic understanding of technical concepts through application based problems.

Key Focus Areas

As per the samples, the test covers:

  • Automobiles
  • Computer hardware
  • Software and programming
  • Operating systems
  • Database management systems
  • Computer networks
  • Object oriented programming
  • Data structures
  • General aptitude

Candidates need to brush up concepts in these topics to score well.

Test Taking Strategies

Some tips to prepare for the Tech Mahindra test:

  • Revise computer science fundamentals
  • Practice sample questions of similar difficulty
  • Brush up core concepts for quick answering
  • Take timed mock tests for time management

With rigorous preparation, students can excel in the exam.

Available Resources

The website provides further details on Tech Mahindra test questions with answers for practice. Some key offerings are:

  • Technical MCQ question bank
  • Coding problems with solutions
  • Sample test papers
  • Online mock tests
  • Performance analytics

Leverage these to gear up for the examination.


The Tech Mahindra technical test evaluates skills in programming, technology, aptitude, OS, DBMS, CN, OOPs etc. Prepare with mock tests, previous year questions and online practice.


Q1: What is the Tech Mahindra technical test pattern?

A1: There are 26 questions - 1 coding + 25 MCQs in 75 minutes. Topics include OS, OOPs, DBMS, CN, aptitude, automobile engineering etc.

Q2: What resources are provided for Tech Mahindra test preparation?

A2: The website offers MCQ questions bank, sample papers, mock tests, previous year questions, online practice and more for test readiness.

Q3: How to prepare for the Tech Mahindra coding test?

A3: Practice coding questions on data structures, algorithms, problem solving etc. Take timed mock tests for better time management.

Q4: What are some test taking strategies for the exam?

A4: Revise computer science basics thoroughly. Take sufficient timed mock tests. Brush up on core concepts for quick answering during exam.

Q5: What topics are covered in the Tech Mahindra MCQ test?

A5: Automobiles, hardware, software, programming, operating systems, databases, computer networks, object oriented programming etc.

Q6: How to use the website resources for test preparation?

A6: Utilize the MCQs, previous papers, mock exams, question banks etc. Take online tests, analyze performance to improve scores.

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