TN ADTW Scholarship Login portal at provides access to financial aid programs for Dalit students in Tamil Nadu.

 TN ADTW Scholarship Login portal at provides access to financial aid programs for Dalit students in Tamil Nadu. This article explains how to login and register on the portal to apply for Adidravidar scholarships.

Adidravidar Scholarship Login Details

The Adidravidar Scholarship portal offers free or subsidized access to educational materials like books and college fees. It provides information on various government and institutional scholarships. Using the portal's search options, students can find suitable scholarships as per their requirements.

Important Details
Login Process Registration Process
- Enter password and registered mobile or email - Provide contact details and personal information
- Can also login via Facebook/Google - Create unique username and password

The login allows applicants to track application status, check for award updates and get payment notifications. The centralized platform makes it easy to search, apply and manage scholarships.

How to Register on the Scholarship Portal

Interested candidates need to first visit the official portal and click on "Register". They have to fill in details like:

  • Name, address, email address
  • Generate unique username and password
  • Upload ID proof like Aadhaar, marksheets etc.
  • Accept terms and conditions

Registering on the portal allows to easily apply for and manage Adidravidar scholarships.

Benefits of the Scholarship Portal

Key benefits of the TN Adidravidar Scholarship Portal include:

Benefit Description
Access to Scholarships Search for and apply to relevant scholarships
Application Tracking Check status and updates for submitted applications
Student Support Get notifications and disbursal of scholarship amounts

The portal makes it very convenient for students to find and avail scholarships as per eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria

The key eligibility criteria for Adidravidar scholarships include:

  • Belonging to registered Adidravidar community
  • Family income below specified threshold
  • Enrollment status in approved institutes
  • Minimum marks criteria as per scheme

Applicants who meet the eligibility norms can apply and get access to financial aid for education.


The TN Adidravidar Scholarship Login portal enables eligible Dalit candidates to easily search and apply for scholarships. Key features include application submission, tracking, updates and disbursal of approved amounts. Registering on the portal allows convenient access to educational aid programs.


Q1: What is the TN ADTW Scholarship Login portal?

A1: It is the website which allows Dalit students to access financial aid programs in Tamil Nadu. It helps apply for and manage Adidravidar scholarships.

Q2: Who offers the Adidravidar scholarships?

A2: The scholarships are offered by the Government of Tamil Nadu for students belonging to the registered Adidravidar community.

Q3: What are the key benefits of the portal?

A3: Key benefits are easy access to relevant scholarships, tracking applications, getting updates and disbursals for approved applicants.

Q4: What eligibility is required for scholarships?

A4: Main eligibility aspects are Adidravidar community status, family income threshold, enrolment and minimum specified academic scores.

Q5: How to register on the scholarship portal?

A5: To register, applicants need to visit and provide their details along with ID proof and accept terms.

Q6: What documents need to be uploaded?

A6: Documents like ID proof (Aadhaar etc), address proof, income statements, academic marksheets may need to be uploaded.