TS High Court Examiner Salary 2023

Telangana High Court Examiner salary structure, pay scale, promotion policy, and job profile. The examiner position offers good career growth opportunities in the court system.

Important Details - Examiner Salary & Benefits

Component Amount
Basic Salary Rs. 22,900 – 69,150
Allowances TA/DA, Accommodation, Other allowances
Perks Leaves, Medical benefits, PF, Pension, etc.

Job Profile

Responsibility Description
Document Review Check documents for accuracy and validity
Evidence Evaluation Examine evidence and witness testimonies for court cases
Patent Assessment Evaluate patent applications for meeting requirements

The examiner role involves careful review and analysis of information to provide assessments for legal and administrative purposes. Key aspects include attention to detail, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Salary Package

Component Amount
Basic Pay Rs. 22,900 – 69,150
Allowances As per eligibility
Annual CTC Rs. 2.74 – 8.29 lakhs

The examiner salary includes the pay scale along with various allowances and incentives. The annual package ranges from Rs. 2.74 lakhs to Rs. 8.29 lakhs.

Probation Period

Performance is evaluated during probation period. If standards are met, allowances and incentives are provided.

Duration Evaluation Criteria
Specified tenure Work conduct, skills, and job responsibilities
Can be terminated In case of poor performance

The probation period allows assessment of examiner capabilities before confirmation. Underperformance can lead to termination of services.

Promotions & Growth

Promotions are provided based on:

Parameter Criteria
Work record Ethics, efficiency, responsibilities handled
Experience Skills gained over time
Performance Overall quality of work delivered

Higher positions lead to increased salary, allowances and greater career progression.


The Telangana High Court Examiner role offers good pay scale, allowances and professional growth opportunities. Performance evaluation is done before confirmation. Promotions are given based on work record, experience and efficiency.


Q1: What is the examiner's job role?

A1: The key responsibilities include reviewing documents, examining evidence, assessing patent applications, and providing evaluations for legal and administrative purposes.

Q2: How much can an examiner earn annually?

A2: The typical annual package ranges from Rs. 2.74 lakhs to Rs. 8.29 lakhs, including the basic pay along with various allowances and incentives.

Q3: What happens during the probation period?

A3: The work performance and capabilities are assessed during the probation tenure. If standards are met, the examiner gets allowances and incentives.

Q4: Can the examiner get salary hikes and promotions?

A4: Yes, promotions lead to higher positions with increased salary, allowances and greater career progression.

Q5: What parameters determine growth opportunities?

A5: The main criteria are work record, experience gained on the job, overall performance and efficiency.

Q6: Can underperformance lead to termination?

A6: Yes, if the set standards are not met during the probation period, the services can be terminated by the Telangana High Court.


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