UP Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme

The government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced the UP Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme to provide relief to economically weaker citizens. This scheme aims to waive off electricity bills of domestic consumers in the state.


The UP government has launched the electricity bill waiver scheme to provide subsidies on electricity bills to citizens of the state. This scheme will benefit around 1.7 crore consumers by waiving off parts of their electricity bills. The waiver will apply to domestic connections using up to 2 kW of electricity. The scheme aims to provide affordable and accessible electricity to the rural and urban poor in UP.

Key Features

Some key features of the UP Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme:

  • Consumers with up to 2 kW connections eligible
  • Bill waiver for domestic category consumers only
  • Benefits consumers in rural areas and small towns
  • Caps maximum bill amount at Rs 1200 per connection
  • Connections with AC, heater over 1000W not covered

The scheme aims to provide relief to around 1.7 crore electricity connections in UP. The state government has allocated funds for subsidizing bills of poor households and rural consumers.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to avail benefits under the UP Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme are:

  • Only domestic consumers eligible
  • Metered connection up to 2kW load
  • Households in rural areas and towns
  • Cannot own appliances over 1000W
  • Should have active electricity connection

Commercial and industrial connections cannot avail this subsidy. The scheme aims to provide benefits to underprivileged sections of society.

Application Process

Eligible consumers under the UP electricity bill waiver scheme can follow a simple application process:

  • Visit electricity board office or consumer service center
  • Submit photo ID and connection details
  • Provide electricity bill for verification
  • Fill subsidy application form
  • Attach eligibility documents
  • Submit application and get registration number

The subsidy will reflect as credit in subsequent electricity bills of the applicant. No additional paperwork is needed after application.

Implementation Plan

The UP government will implement the electricity bill waiver scheme in three phases:

  • Phase 1: 8th to 30th Nov 2023 - 100% surcharge waiver
  • Phase 2: 1st to 15th Dec 2023 - 90% surcharge waiver
  • Phase 3: 16th to 31st Dec 2023 - 80% surcharge waiver

Consumers need to register themselves under the UP OTS scheme during these periods to avail the applicable waivers. The scheme aims to cover majority consumers before Diwali.


Benefit Description
Subsidized electricity bills Caps bill amount to Rs 1200 per connection
Waiver of bill surcharges Get up to 100% waiver on late fee and penalties
Improved rural electrification Increased affordability of electricity for poor

The UP electricity bill waiver scheme will make power affordable for economically weaker sections. It will also improve rural electrification and benefit farmers.


The UP Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme will provide significant benefits to domestic consumers by reducing their electricity costs. Rural and underprivileged households will gain access to affordable electricity for lighting and appliances. The scheme will help in improving standards of living. The application process is simple and beneficiaries will get subsidies directly in their bills. The scheme will be implemented in phases starting November 2023. Overall, the electricity bill waiver scheme is a progressive initiative by the UP government.


Q1: Who is eligible for the UP electricity bill waiver scheme?

A1: Only domestic consumers with metered connections up to 2kW are eligible. Commercial and industrial connections cannot avail benefits.

Q2: How much subsidy can consumers get?

A2: Based on the phase, consumers can get 80% to 100% waiver on their bill surcharges and penalties. The maximum bill is capped at Rs 1200.

Q3: What documents are needed for application?

A3: Consumers need to provide identity proof, electricity bill, and connection details. Eligibility documents also need to be submitted.

Q4: How will the subsidy be provided?

A4: Subsidy amount will reflect as credit adjustment in the monthly electricity bills of consumers.

Q5: Can rural consumers apply?

A5: Yes, rural and suburban households are eligible for this scheme if they meet the criteria.

Q6: Is registration mandatory?

A6: Yes, eligible consumers must register under UP OTS scheme based on the phase to avail bill waivers.


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