Wipro Appraisal and Promotion Cycle 2023

Wipro has an annual appraisal cycle that takes place around June-July for employees eligible for May-June payroll. There is a quarterly review process as well where employees are rated on a 5-point scale. Ratings impact the percentage hike. Apart from annual hikes, there is also a salary revision during confirmation after spending 15 months at Wipro. Laterals also receive appraisal based hikes depending on multiple factors.

Appraisal Month and Eligibility

The Wipro appraisal cycle happens in June-July timeframe for employees eligible for May-June payroll. To be eligible, employees need to have joined before November 15 of any year. For example, someone joining in April would be eligible for appraisal in June next year.

Appraisal Month Eligibility
June-July Joined before Nov 15 previous year

In addition to the annual appraisal, there is a quarterly review and rating process as well. Ratings given during this cycle impacts the final hike percentage.

Salary Hike for Freshers

Freshers go through a confirmation appraisal after spending 15 months at Wipro, including 3 months of training. The hike at this stage is in double digits, ranging from 15% to 21% depending on the rating received. The different ratings on a 5-point scale are:

Rating Description
Outstanding Contribution (OSC) 5 star
Excellent Contribution (ECC) 4 star
Highly Valued Contribution (HVC) 3 star

The hike percentage based on ratings is:

  • HVC - 14%
  • ECC - 18%
  • OSC - 25%

Promotion Cycle

While band promotion requires minimum 2 years of experience in one band, it also depends on quarterly performance and ratings. Nominations for promotions happen around September-October. The leadership team provides recommendations that impact the final decision.

Cycle Duration
Band Promotion 2 years minimum
Promotion Nominations September-October

Salary Hikes for Laterals

For lateral hires, annual hikes depend on multiple factors like:

  • Individual performance
  • Type of projects
  • Technology used
  • Client details

An average performer can expect 7-8% hike, whereas strong performers get 14-15%. Top performers working on multiple large projects can see over 20% hikes.

Other Benefits

Apart from salary hikes, Wipro also offers other benefits like:

  • Work life balance with holidays and weekly offs
  • Good campus infrastructure including cafeteria, sports facilities etc.
  • Attractive pay when compared to other companies


Wipro has an annual appraisal framework with eligibility criteria for payroll. Periodic ratings impact final hike percentage during cycle. Strong performers can expect double digit hikes whereas average performers get single digit hikes. Various monetary and non-monetary benefits also offered.


Q1: When does Wipro annual appraisal happen?

A1: Wipro annual appraisal happens around June-July every year for employees eligible for May-June payroll.

Q2: How does Wipro quarterly rating impact annual hike?

A2: Quarterly ratings given on a 5-point scale impacts the final hike percentage during annual appraisal.

Q3: How much hike can an average performer expect?

A3: An average performer at Wipro can expect a single digit hike of around 7-8% during annual appraisal.

Q4: What is the promotion cycle at Wipro?

A4: Minimum 2 years in one band is required for band promotion at Wipro. Nominations happen around September-October.

Q5: What benefits apart from salary does Wipro provide?

A5: Wipro offers work life balance, good campus facilities, attractive compensation compared to other companies.

Q6: When do freshers get first salary hike?

A6: Freshers get first salary hike during confirmation appraisal after 15 months at Wipro in double digits based on rating.


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