Bihar's Financial Assistance Scheme for Civil Service Aspirants

The Bihar government provides financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to civil service aspirants who clear the UPSC prelims exam. A look at the scheme and its impact.

The Bihar government has been running a scheme since 2018-19 to provide one-time financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to civil service aspirants belonging to SC, ST, OBC and general women categories who clear the preliminary exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Important Details - Beneficiaries of the Scheme

Year Category No. of Beneficiaries
2018-19 onwards SC/ST 4,414
2018-19 onwards OBC 3,215
2021 onwards General Women 20 (in 2022)

Details of the Scheme

The scheme aims to support civil service aspirants belonging to marginalized communities and women through financial assistance for coaching and preparation for the UPSC main exam.

  • SC/ST and OBC candidates have been covered since 2018-19
  • In Aug 2021, eligibility was extended to include General category women
  • One-time payment of Rs 1 lakh is provided to clearing prelims for main exam prep
  • Handled by the SC/ST Welfare Dept (for SC/ST/OBC) and Women Development Corp (for General women)

The assistance is intended to help cover expenses related to coaching, special studies and guidance to improve chances of cracking the very competitive exam.

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain eligibility guidelines in place for the financial assistance scheme:

Criterion Description
Caste/Gender SC/ST, OBC, General Women
UPSC Stage Cleared Prelims, Preparing for Mains
Income/Employment Not earning income or getting any other scholarships

The applicants are screened as per these criteria before being approved for the one-time payment.

Monitoring and Impact

As per the SC/ST Welfare Department, there is currently no system in place to track if the beneficiaries are ultimately clearing the UPSC exam and getting selected.

So there is no data available on how many aspirants supported through this scheme have succeeded in becoming civil servants.

Monitoring this can help ascertain the impact and success rate of the financial assistance program.

Other State Government Initiatives

In addition to the above scheme, the Bihar government also announced the following in 2021:

  • Rs 50,000 assistance for women clearing BPSC prelims and prepping for main exam

But no application has been received under this category yet as there has been no BPSC exam result since the scheme's announcement.


The Bihar government has been operating a financial assistance scheme since 2018-19 for UPSC civil service aspirants from marginalized backgrounds. While data is not maintained on the scheme's impact in improving success rates, it serves the important goal of promoting inclusion and supporting diversity.


Q1: When was the financial assistance scheme introduced in Bihar?

A1: The scheme was introduced by the Bihar government in 2018-19 to support civil service aspirants from SC, ST and OBC categories who clear the UPSC prelims exam.

Q2: What is the amount of financial assistance given?

A2: The Bihar government scheme provides one-time financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to eligible applicants clearing the UPSC prelims.

Q3: Who monitors this scheme?

A3: The scheme is monitored by the SC/ST Welfare Department for candidates belonging to SC, ST and OBC categories. For general women candidates, it is handled by the Women Development Corporation.

Q4: Is any data maintained on successful civil servant outcomes?

A4: As per officials, currently there is no system to track data regarding how many beneficiaries qualify in the UPSC exam and become civil servants.

Q5: Does Bihar offer any other similar initiatives?

A5: In 2021, the Bihar government announced financial aid of Rs 50,000 for women clearing BPSC prelims. But no applications have been received under this yet.

Q6: What is the aim of this scheme?

A6: The scheme aims to support marginalized communities and women by assisting them financially to afford coaching for India's very competitive civil services exam conducted by UPSC.