Cognizant Salary after 1 Year

Cognizant offers an attractive salary package to employees based on their skills and knowledge. Employees get a 7-10% hike annually. As per the revised compensation, freshers now get Rs. 25K in hand during training. After 1 year when they convert from PAT to PA, the in hand salary increases to Rs. 30-31K.

Year Salary Package
Year 1 Rs. 3.35 lakhs per annum
Year 2 Rs. 3.75 - 3.90 lakhs per annum

The table summarizes the salary packages offered over the years. Candidates have chances of promotion based on performance which leads to higher pay.

Various Job Roles and Salary Range

Cognizant offers roles in software development, consulting, management etc. The table below shows salary range and average salary for various roles:

Job Title Salary Range Average Salary
Programmer Analyst Rs. 2.49 - 6.70 lakhs p.a. Rs. 4.04 lakhs p.a.

The wide range of roles and high pay makes Cognizant an attractive employer for IT professionals.

Allowances and Benefits

Besides the basic pay, Cognizant offers allowances and benefits like:

  • Joining bonus of Rs. 25,000 - 50,000
  • Annual incentive of >100% of eligibility
  • Attractive career growth opportunities

The allowances and benefits further sweeten the deal for employees at Cognizant.

Growth Prospects

Cognizant offers excellent career development opportunities to performning employees:

  • Promotions and salary hikes based on skills and performance
  • Higher positions for experienced candidates

The transparent promotion policy ensures employees get opportunities to grow professionally.

Why Choose Cognizant?

Some key reasons to choose Cognizant:

  • High and steadily increasing compensation
  • Good work-life balance
  • Opportunity to work on latest technologies

Cognizant offers a complete package making it an employer of choice for IT talent.


To summarize, Cognizant offers attractive pay packages and fast career growth in latest technologies. The annual hikes and performance linked promotion ensure pay progression for skilled resources. Overall, it remains a coveted workplace for technology professionals.


Q1: What is the average salary for a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant?

A1: The average salary for a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant is Rs. 4.04 lakhs per annum.

Q2: How much percentage hike do Cognizant employees get?

A2: Cognizant offers an annual increment between 7-10% to its employees.

Q3: What allowances do Cognizant employees get?

A3: Some of the top allowances include joining bonus, annual performance incentive, relocation benefits etc.

Q4: How is promotion decided in Cognizant?

A4: Promotions at Cognizant are merit-based and depend on the skills, performance and experience of the employee.

Q5: What is the in hand salary for freshers at Cognizant?

A5: Freshers at Cognizant get an in hand salary of Rs. 25,000 during training, increasing to Rs. 30-31,000 after their first year.

Q6: Why should one choose Cognizant over other companies?

A6: Cognizant offers high compensation, good work-life balance and opportunity to work on latest technologies, making it an employer of choice.


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