Cognizant Salary and Promotions After One Year

Cognizant offers attractive salary packages and good opportunities for career growth to its employees. This article provides details on Cognizant's salary structure and promotions after 1 year for both freshers and experienced professionals.

Salary Hikes at Cognizant

Cognizant has announced an annual salary increment between 7% to 10% for its employees. As per official data, fresh candidates receive an in-hand salary of INR 25K during training, which increases to INR 30-31K after one year when they transition from the Professional Associate Trainee (PAT) to Professional Associate (PA) role.

Year Salary Details
Year 1 INR 3.35 lakhs per annum after confirmation
Year 2 INR 3.75 – 3.90 lakhs per annum for Programmer Analyst role in the Exceeds Most Expectations bucket
Year 3 INR 4.15 – 4.30 lakhs per annum after promotion to first bucket
Year 4 INR 5.00- 5.60 lakhs per annum after promotion to second bucket
Year 5 Eligible for H1B visa transfer or can switch companies for better pay

Job Roles and Salary Ranges at Cognizant

The table below shows salary ranges for various IT and non-IT job roles at Cognizant:

Job Title Salary Range Per Annum Average Salary Per Annum
Programmer Analyst INR 2.49 to 6.70 lakhs INR 4.04 lakhs
Senior Software Engineer INR 5.77 to 20 lakhs INR 10.29 lakhs
Associate Software Engineer INR 3.73 to 10 lakhs INR 6.90 lakhs
Software Engineer INR 3.19 to 10 lakhs INR 6.35 lakhs

Performance Based Promotions

At Cognizant, promotions are merit and performance based. Employees need to excel in their roles and pass examinations conducted periodically to become eligible for promotions. Higher positions are offered once they gain the required experience and skills.

Attractive Salary and Perks

Cognizant offers lucrative pay packages with over a dozen perks and benefits to motivate employees. Some key benefits include:

  • Attractive base pay
  • Performance bonuses paid bi-annually
  • Joining bonus ranging from INR 25,000 to 50,000
  • Annual holiday incentives

The career progression and opportunities for growth make Cognizant an employer of choice for both freshers and experienced professionals.

Application Process

Interested candidates can visit Cognizant's career page and apply to open job positions after carefully going through the eligibility criteria. They can also subscribe to the Telegram channel to receive alerts about latest openings.


To summarize, Cognizant offers a minimum 7% hike annually along with performance linked promotions and salary increments to boost employee morale. The compensation and benefits are quite attractive compared to other IT companies. Professionals can expect good career growth and learning opportunities if they excel in their roles.


Q1: What is the average salary for Programmer Analyst role at Cognizant?

A1: The average salary for a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant ranges between INR 2.49 - 6.70 lakhs per annum, with an average of INR 4.04 lakhs per annum.

Q2: How much percentage hike is offered at Cognizant?

A2: Cognizant offers an annual increment between 7% to 10%.

Q3: What allowances and perks are offered to Cognizant employees?

A3: Key perks include attractive base pay, bi-annual performance bonuses, joining bonus, holiday incentives, health benefits, and more.

Q4: How can one apply for jobs at Cognizant?

A4: Interested candidates can visit Cognizant's career page and apply for open positions after going through the eligibility criteria.

Q5: What is the promotion process at Cognizant?

A5: Promotions are merit-based and involve passing periodic examinations. Employees are offered higher positions once they gain the required experience.

Q6: How much can Software Engineers earn at Cognizant?

A6: Software Engineers at Cognizant can earn between INR 3.19 - 10 lakhs per annum, with an average salary of INR 6.35 lakhs per annum.


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