HKRN TGT PGT Teacher Salary 2023

The HKRN teacher salary includes a pay scale based on entry-level positions. TGT and PGT teachers are recruited yearly. Promotions and salary increases depend on performance, experience, and qualifications. Higher-level positions are available for experienced candidates.

Key Points Details
Pay scale Entry-level based
Recruitment Yearly for TGT and PGT
Promotions Performance and experience based

HKRN Salary and Benefits

The HKRN salary includes competitive pay and benefits which attract candidates. Job security, lucrative perks and allowances make these teaching jobs desirable. The annual package comprises the main HKRN teacher salary plus allowances.

Key Points Details
Attractions Competitive salary and benefits
Perks Job security, lucrative benefits
Package Basic pay plus allowances

Promotion Policy

Promotions are either merit-based or tenure-based as per uniform government guidelines. HKRN conducts departmental exams for merit promotions. Annual increments also impact salary increases.

Key Points Details
Promotion types Merit and tenure based
Assessments Departmental exams
Other impacts Annual increments

Other Benefits

The HKRN teacher salary and benefits details provide insights into career growth, pay scales, allowances, promotions, increments etc. Latest teaching job vacancies and other government job updates are also available.

Key Points Details
Useful details Career growth, increments, allowances
Other information Job notifications, govt. updates

Exam Details

Upcoming exam schedules, previous year question papers, selection process details, admit cards, results, cut-off marks etc. are provided for various HKRN teacher recruitments.

Key Points Details
Useful details Exam timetable, old papers
Other information Selection process, results


The HKRN teacher salary structure, pay scale, allowances and other benefits make these jobs lucrative. Performance-based promotions provide career growth opportunities.


Q1: What allowances are provided in HKRN teacher salary?

A1: Allowances for travel, medical, HRA etc. are provided along with basic pay in the overall salary package.

Q2: How can HKRN teachers get promotions?

A2: Merit-based and tenure-based promotions are available. Departmental exams and annual appraisals lead to higher grades.

Q3: What details are provided about HKRN exams?

A3: Upcoming exam schedules, previous question papers, selection process details, results and cut-off marks are provided.

Q4: What makes HKRN teaching jobs desirable?

A4: Lucrative pay packages with allowances, job security, pension benefits and career growth opportunities via promotions.

Q5: How can one apply for HKRN teacher recruitment?

A5: Regular notification regarding application form releases is provided. Eligible candidates can apply online/offline accordingly.

Q6: What government job updates are available?

A6: Latest vacancies and important updates regarding central and state government job opportunities are provided.


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