How to Score Good SGPA in MAKAUT Offline Semester Exam

How to Score Good SGPA in MAKAUT Offline Semester Exam: MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology) is a state technological university in West Bengal, India that offers various engineering and technology courses. Students are graded based on their performance in semester exams. This article provides details on how to pass MAKAUT semester exams 2023 and score a good SGPA.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Knowing the exam pattern and types of questions asked is key to preparing well. MAKAUT exams typically have -

  • Objective type questions
  • Theoretical and numerical questions covering the full syllabus
  • Questions testing conceptual clarity and application of concepts

Revise through previous year question papers to identify important topics and types of questions.

Prepare Thoroughly

Use good quality reference books, reliable online material, and class notes for in-depth preparation. Make concise notes chapter-wise. Learn concepts thoroughly instead of just memorizing. Also focus on numerical problems related to each topic.

Key Preparation Tips Details
Notes Making Create handwritten notes for better recall
Group Study Form study groups for discussion & problem solving
Mock Tests Take regular tests & analyze performance

Work on Your Weak Areas

Identify chapters and question types you struggle with during your preparation. Assign more time to difficult topics and practice more problems. Seek guidance from teachers for your weak areas. This dedicated improvement is essential for a good score.

Attempt Papers Strategically

Plan paper attempt strategy beforehand - allot time per question, order of tackling easier vs difficult ones etc. Read questions thoroughly before answering. Manage time wisely and balance all sections. Stick to your effective attempt plan during exam for maximum output.

Stay Confident

While preparing, focus on understanding concepts rather than fretting about results. Avoid last moment pressure by following your preparation schedule diligently. Eat healthy food and rest properly for mental alertness. Remain positive and have faith in your preparations for anxiety-free exam experience.


Thorough preparation with smart attempt approach is key to excel in MAKAUT semester exams. Prepare consistently over time using best study resources. Identify weak areas for improvement and devise a focused study & exam strategy.


Q1: How many times are semester exams conducted in a year at MAKAUT?

A1: There are 2 semesters - Odd and Even. So semester exams are conducted twice a year usually around November-December and April-May.

Q2: Can I improve my MAKAUT semester score through re-evaluation?

A2: Yes, MAKAUT allows applicants to apply for rechecking or re-evaluation if they are unsatisfied with the score. An increase in marks is possible after revaluation if any error is detected.

Q3: Is there any provision for re-exam at MAKAUT?

A3: Students who fail to obtain the minimum semester score (SGPA 4-5) can reappear for exams in the supplementary exam round conducted after results.

Q4: What if I have backlogs? Can I still progress to higher semesters?

A4: You must clear preceding semester backlogs before the allowed number of chances to be eligible for higher semester exams as per MAKAUT rules.

Q5: How to start preparation for scoring well in MAKAUT exams?

A5: Go through past 5 year papers, create notes from books & classes, form study groups, take tests, work on weaknesses and devise a smart attempt strategy.

Q6: Which are the best reference books for MAKAUT CSE exam preparation?

A6: Some good CSE books for MAKAUT preparation are - Engineering Mathematics by NP Bali, Data Communications and Networking by Forouzan, Operating System Concepts by Galvin etc.


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