Leave Rules For Bank Officers and Employees 2024

The passage discusses various leave rules for bank employees like casual leave, special casual leave, unveiled casual leave, privilege leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.

Casual leave is granted to employees for a maximum of 12 days in a year. There seems to be no uniform guidelines regarding the maximum number of days casual leave can be availed continuously. The bank can deny or recall an employee from casual leave based on requirements.

Special Casual Leave

Special casual leave includes leave granted for specific purposes like sports events, blood donation, sterilization operations, etc. There is no mention of a fixed number of special casual leave days. The bank sanctions leave based on the purpose and sufficient proofs provided by the employee.

Privilege Leave

Privilege leave of maximum 30 days is granted to employees every year. Privilege leave can be accumulated up to 240 days for officers and 300 days for workmen employees. Encashment of privilege leave is allowed during service or retirement.

Sick Leave

Employees are eligible for 15 days sick leave on half average pay per year. This is accumlated up to a maximum of 240 days. Submission of valid medical certificate is required to get approval for sick leaves.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Female employees can avail maternity leave of maximum 6 months or 8 months for twins. Maximum maternity leave availed cannot exceed 12 months during the entire service period. Male employees are eligible for 15 days paid paternity leave during wife's confinement.

Other Leave

Other leave specified are unveiled casual leave, extraordinary leave, sabbatical leave for women, etc. The passage does not provide clear details on eligibility criteria for these leaves. Banks have authority to approve or deny leaves based on valid reasons and adequate proofs.


The passage gives an overview of the various leave rules for bank employees. Conditions for approval vary for different leave types. Proper documentation and sufficient reason is required for banks to sanction leaves. Employees must be aware of the eligibility criteria and procedure to apply for leave based on their purpose and requirement.

Leave Type Eligibility
Casual Leave 12 days per year
Privilege Leave 30 days per year, accumulates up to 240/300 days
Sick Leave 15 days at half pay per year, accumulates up to 240 days


Q1: How many casual leaves are employees eligible for?

A1: Employees can avail a maximum of 12 casual leaves per calendar year.

Q2: What is the maximum privilege leave accumulation for bank workmen employees?

A2: Workmen bank employees can accumulate up to 300 days of privilege leave.

Q3: Under what conditions can sick leave be granted?

A3: To avail sick leave, employees have to mandatorily submit a valid medical certificate confirming illness or hospitalization.

Q4: How many paternity leave days are eligible?

A4: Male employees can avail 15 days paid paternity leave when their wife delivers a baby.

Q5: Can banks deny leave applications?

A5: Yes, banks hold authority to deny leave requests based on valid administrative and operational reasons.

Q6: Is leave encashment allowed?

A6: Employees can encash and monetize accumulated privilege and sick leaves either during service or at the time of retirement.


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