Madhyama New Syllabus Question Paper

Madhyama New Syllabus Question Paper: The passage discusses the Madhyama New Syllabus Question Paper published by the Board of High School Education Uttar Pradesh Allahabad for the 2024 10th board exams. It provides information on where to download the model question papers and highlights the importance of these papers for exam preparation.

Important Details - Board of High School Education Uttar Pradesh Allahabad
Key Activity Details
Conducting Authority Board of High School Education Uttar Pradesh Allahabad
Exam High School (10th Board Exams)
Exam Month March - April 2024

Model Question Papers

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyama Board has published subject-wise model question papers for the 2024 board exams. These papers serve as sample tests for students to practice and prepare for the final exams.

Subjects Format
Hindi, English, Maths, Science PDF Download

The model papers provide an estimate level of questions expected in the final exam. Practicing these papers will help students understand the exam pattern and improve their time management during the exam.

Importance of Model Papers

These model question papers hold significance for the exam preparation of 10th board students. Some key benefits include:

Benefit Description
Exam Readiness Get an insight into the actual exam format and difficulty level
Self-Assessment Evaluate one's own preparation and identify improvement areas
Score Better Rigorous practice leads to improved performance in final exam

The model papers are an important tool for students to assess their current level of preparation and take necessary measures to perform well in the board exams.

Examination Details

Below are some key details regarding the 2024 High School exams conducted by the UP Board:

Particulars Description
Total Subjects 9 including extra subject
Exam Duration 3 hours paper
Total Marks 600 marks
Pass Percentage 33% in each subject

Students aiming to score high marks in the exam must utilize these model papers to their full potential in their preparation strategy.

How to Download

Students can download the Madhyama Model Question Papers 2024 from the link provided in the passage. The step-wise process is outlined below:

Step No. Action Item
1 Click on the Download Link given
2 Select subject model paper to download
3 Save PDF file on device

Students must download these papers and start their practice without delay to maximize their chances of excelling in the 10th board exams.


The Madhyama Model Question Papers serve as an important tool for students to prepare thoroughly for the 2024 High School exams. Rigorous practice using these papers will provide exam readiness, help self-evaluate preparation levels and enable students to score high marks.


Q1: Who conducts the High School exam in UP?

A1: The Board of High School Education Uttar Pradesh Allahabad conducts the annual 10th board exam in UP.

Q2: How many total marks for the Madhyama exam?

A2: The total marks for the High School exam is 600.

Q3: What is the exam duration?

A3: Each written paper has a duration of 3 hours.

Q4: How can students download model papers?

A4: Students have to click on the link provided in the passage and select subject paper to download the PDF.

Q5: What is the passing mark percentage?

A5: Students need to secure a minimum of 33% marks in individual subjects to pass the exam.

Q6: When are the 2024 board exams scheduled?

A6: The annual High School exams are conducted during March-April 2024.