Madras University Exam Postponed Due to Rain, New Dates Soon

Madras University Exam Postponed Due to Rain, New Dates Soon: The Madras University semester exams scheduled for November 2023 have been postponed due to heavy rainfall in the region. The University of Madras has stated that the new exam dates will be announced within 2-3 days on the official website.

Reasons for Exam Postponement

The exams were postponed as affiliate colleges had requested for more time to complete the exam syllabus. Additionally, the heavy rains made it difficult to conduct exams on the scheduled dates.

Key Details Information
Original Exam Dates November 2023
Revised Exam Dates To be announced in 2-3 days
Reason for Postponement Heavy rainfall, syllabus completion issues

The postponement comes as a relief for arts and science students of affiliate colleges who will get over 10 extra days to prepare for the exams.

Checking Revised Exam Dates

The University of Madras will formally announce the new exam dates on the official website. Students should check the website regularly for updates.

Website to Check Steps to Check 1. Visit website
2. Go to examinations section
3. Find revised date notification

Apart from the official website, students can also check affiliated college websites and notices for any information on the new exam dates.

Scope for Further Delays

If the rainfall continues in upcoming weeks, there remains a possibility of exams getting further postponed from the newly announced dates.

Scenario Possibility
Heavy rains continue High chance of date postponement again
Rains recede as expected New dates will be final

So students are advised to consider likelihood of date changes even after new schedule is issued.

Preparation Strategy for Students

Despite uncertainty over exam dates, it is crucial that students utilize this extra preparation time optimally.

Tips Details
Make a study routine Allot time for each subject uniformly
Focus on revisions Revise key concepts multiple times
Give mock tests Write mocks for exam practice

Students should aim to complete entire syllabi irrespective of further date changes down the line.

Updates from Affiliated Colleges

In addition to the University website, students must also regularly check with their respective affiliated colleges for any exam related updates.

College Responsibility Student Action
Share official University circulars Check college website, noticeboard etc.
Guide students on preparations Attend collegiate coaching classes if conducted

Maintaining contact with college authorities and acting on their instructions is vital during such uncertain times.


To summarize, rains have disrupted Madras University semester exam plans leading to postponement of November 2023 exams. Revised dates shall be announced shortly which students need to check online or through college authorities. They must utilize this extra preparation time fruitfully despite uncertainties over new schedule.


Q1: Where will the new exam dates be announced?

A1: The University of Madras will formally announce the revised exam dates on its official website Apart from the website, updates may also come through affiliated colleges.

Q2: How much postponed are the exams from original dates?

A2: The exams were originally scheduled for November 2023 but have now been postponed by at least 10 days as per the latest announcement. Final dates are still awaited.

Q3: Can exam dates be postponed again?

A3: Yes, if the heavy rainfall persists even in the coming weeks there is a high possibility of exam dates being further postponed based on ground situation.

Q4: How should students use this extra time?

A4: Students are advised to have a structured study plan in place. They should focus on revising important concepts, taking mock tests, and completing the entire syllabus irrespective of further date delays.

Q5: Where else apart from website can updates be checked?

A5: Apart from the university website, students must also regularly check with authorities of their respective affiliated colleges for latest updates regarding exam dates.

Q6: Can students influence exam date decisions?

A6: No, exam date decisions will be taken by University authorities based on administrative feasibility and ground realities. Students have no direct influence but must abide by official decisions.


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