Cloze Test - Your Key to Cracking the Tier 1 English Section

The Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level exam is one of India's most popular government job recruitment tests. Lakhs of aspirants appear for this highly competitive tier-based examination each year, dreaming of landing a lucrative government job.

To emerge victorious in this battle for SSC CGL selection, you need to conquer each section of the exam. And a particularly tricky one is - English. Nested within the English paper is a component that often catches students off guard - the Cloze Test.

But the Cloze Test need not be a deal breaker. With the right understanding of its format and syllabus, along with smart tips and thorough practice, you can master this section. This comprehensive guide will equip you to tackle Cloze Test questions head-on and maximize your SSC CGL Tier 1 English score.

What is the Cloze Test All About?

The Cloze Test is an assessment of your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammatical prowess. You will be presented with a short passage, usually about 5-6 lines long, with some words strategically missing. Your task is to analyze the passage and fill in the blanks with suitable words from the given options.

Here are some key features of SSC CGL Tier 1 Cloze Test:

Format Key Details
Length of Passages 5-6 lines on random topics like daily life, current affairs, history etc.
Words Removed 5-6 key words that maintain flow and continuity
Solution Format MCQs with 4 options for each blank

As you can see, the Cloze Test may be short but requires sharp reading skills and grammatical knowledge to crack it successfully.

Cloze Test Syllabus - What to Expect?

The good news is - there are no surprises or curveballs in the SSC CGL Tier 1 Cloze Test format and syllabus. You can approach it with the right strategies if you know what is coming. Here's a quick syllabus overview:

Skills Tested Key Syllabus Areas
Reading Comprehension Understanding passages on random topics within time limit
Vocabulary Knowing meaning of different words and phrases
Grammar Correct verbs, articles, prepositions, tenses etc.
Logical Reasoning Analyzing flow and continuity of passage

If you've got the basics of English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension down pat, the Cloze Test cannot stump you. Now let's move on to the best strategies to apply for assured success.

Smart Tips and Strategies for Cloze Test Success

Follow these proven tips and prep strategies, and the Cloze Test will be a breeze:

1. Strengthen Your Grammar Foundation

Brush up concepts like tenses, clauses, reported speech, active/passive voice, pronouns, verbs, prepositions etc. Half the battle is won if you can spot grammar errors.

2. Expand Your Vocabulary

Build your vocabulary by reading different materials like newspapers, magazines, fiction etc. Understanding word meanings and usage is key.

3. Hone Your Reading Skills

Practice reading short passages in limited time to improve speed, comprehension, and focus - crucial for Cloze Test success.

4. Pay Attention to Context

Never pick options in isolation. Take clues from the overall tone, essence, and flow of the passage.

5. Use Elimination

Narrow down to the final option by ruling out incorrect choices based on grammar, continuity and coherence.

6. Attempt Past Papers

Practice with previous years' papers and mock tests to understand the level of difficulty and get exam-ready.

With the right prep strategy and consistent practice, the Cloze Test will be a breeze. Avoid wild guessing, focus on logic and grammar, and secure full marks from this scoring section.


The Cloze Test may seem tricky, but follows a fixed pattern. Know the format, syllabus, and question types to expect. Strengthen your vocabulary, grammar concepts and reading skills. On exam day, read the passage carefully and fill blanks by eliminating illogical options. With a calm mind and structured approach, you will successfully convert this Cloze Test from a foe to a friend.


Q1: How many questions are there in SSC CGL Tier 1 Cloze Test?

A1: Typically 5-6 questions in the form of an MCQ passage with same number of blanks. You have to select the most appropriate word for each blank from the options given.

Q2: What is the difficulty level of Cloze Test in SSC CGL exam?

A2: The difficulty level is moderate. The passages are small and the words removed are not too complex. With good comprehension and grammar skills, it is easy to score.

Q3: How much time do we get to solve Cloze Test questions?

A3: You need to solve the entire English section including Cloze Test in 30 minutes. On average, spend 4-5 minutes to read, analyze and solve the 5-6 Cloze Test questions.

Q4: What types of passages are used in SSC CGL Tier 1 Cloze Test?

A4: Passages can be based on any random topic like everyday situations, news items, historical facts or scientific information. The focus is on testing language skills.

Q5: Is the Cloze Test difficult to score in?

A5: If you have strong grammar knowledge and reading skills, you can easily score 4+ marks in the Cloze Test with the right approach. It is an easy scoring section.

Q6: How to improve Cloze Test performance in SSC CGL exam?

A6: Practicing previous papers, taking mock tests regularly, improving grammar concepts and reading speed are key. Also, learn elimination techniques to reach correct options.