Sentence Improvement for Competitive Exams

The Sentence Improvement section is a vital part of the English Language paper in SSC CGL Tier-I. It tests your knowledge of grammar rules and ability to identify and correct errors in sentences. Mastering this section can help maximize your score.

In Sentence Improvement questions, you are given a sentence with an error. Your task is to choose the option that expresses the idea correctly and improves the sentence structurally. The errors may relate to grammar, word usage, syntax, or logical flow. The improved sentence should be clear, concise and grammatically accurate.

Important Details - Syllabus of Sentence Improvement

Focus Areas Key Grammar Concepts Tested
Correctness of sentence structure Subject-verb agreement, tenses, pronouns, parallelism, idioms, prepositions
Precision of vocabulary and phrasing Word order, conjunctions, transitions
Logic and flow Identifying illogical sequences or unclear ideas

The syllabus focuses on testing your grasp of grammar rules, phrasing, vocabulary and logical flow. You must have strong fundamentals across diverse concepts like subject-verb agreement, tenses, pronouns, prepositions etc. Precision in word choice and transitioning between ideas is also checked.

Types of Questions in Sentence Improvement

Question Type What is Tested
Identify the error Spotting what is wrong in the given sentence
Improve the sentence Correcting the error and improving sentence structure
Choose the correct phrase Selecting the most apt phrase to fit the context

The format can vary. You may need to just identify the error, improve the full sentence, or choose the right phrase to replace an incorrect segment. The focus is always on grammar, vocabulary and logical flow.

Preparation Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful ways to master Sentence Improvement:

Tips Details
Learn grammar rules Study subject-verb agreement, tenses, clauses etc. thoroughly
Build vocabulary Improve word power and read editorial columns in newspapers
Practice daily Solve previous year questions and mock tests for all question types
perfect commonly tested concepts Focus on pronouns, parallelism, idioms, prepositions
Sharpen logical thinking Analyze flow of ideas and transitions in sentences

A combination of strengthening grammar, vocabulary and analytical thinking is the key. Solving a large number of questions should be complemented with learning rules and important concepts.

Must Know Grammatical Concepts

Some of the most frequently tested grammar rules and concepts include:

Subject-Verb Agreement Tenses
Pronouns Parallelism
Modifier placement Idioms and phrases
Prepositions Voice and narration
Articles Connectors and transition words

Focus your energy on fully understanding the above concepts. Learn their usage rules and nuances. This shall boost your accuracy in solving questions.

Typical Errors to Avoid

Look out for the following common errors that may appear in questions:

  • Subject-verb disagreement
  • Incorrect tenses
  • Faulty modifiers
  • Dangling or misplaced modifiers
  • Incorrect idiomatic usage
  • Missing or extra articles
  • Wrong prepositions
  • Pronoun errors in person, number, case etc.
  • Issues with parallel structure
  • Incorrect transition words or conjunctions
  • Wordiness
  • Run-on sentences, fragments

Avoiding these common mistakes will enhance your accuracy. Always read the given sentence carefully before answering.


In conclusion, cracking Sentence Improvement requires a multidimensional approach. Master grammar rules, build your vocabulary, sharpen logical thinking and practice daily. Learn the recurring concepts and errors to gain an edge. With rigorous preparation, you can definitely conquer this high-scoring section.


Q1: How many marks does Sentence Improvement carry in SSC CGL Tier-I?

A1: Sentence Improvement carries around 20-25 marks in SSC CGL Tier-I English section.

Q2: What are the best books for Sentence Improvement preparation?

A2: Some good books are SSC English Language Chapterwise Solved Papers, Objective General English by SP Bakshi, English Grammar & Composition by SC Gupta.

Q3: What is the exam pattern for SSC CGL Tier-I?

A3: SSC CGL Tier-I has 100 questions carrying 200 marks to be completed in 60 minutes. There are 25 questions each from English Language, General Intelligence, Quantitative Aptitude and General Awareness.

Q4: How to improve English vocabulary for Sentence Improvement?

A4: Read editorials, newspapers, magazines and novels to expand vocabulary. Maintain a dictionary of new words. Learn roots, prefixes and suffixes of words.

Q5: What are parallel structures in grammar?

A5: Parallel structure refers to maintaining the same grammatical construction for words/phrases in a sentence that serve the same purpose. E.g. He likes reading, writing and to play football.

Q6: How to identify errors in a sentence quickly?

A6: Read the sentence aloud, analyze the structure, check subject-verb agreement and tenses. Look for incorrect phrases and transitions. With practice, you'll speed up.