BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers for Exam Preparation

BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test) is a national-level engineering entrance exam conducted for admissions into undergraduate engineering programs offered at BITS Pilani campuses. It is completely computer-based and tests students on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, English Proficiency, and Logical Reasoning aptitude.

Solving BITSAT previous year question papers is highly recommended as part of the preparation strategy. This helps examinees understand the actual exam format, difficulty level, type of questions asked, and scoring patterns. Additionally, it aids in better time management during the test.

BITSAT Test Format

The BITSAT exam comprises of 150 multiple choice questions to be solved in 3 hours. The questions cover higher secondary school topics in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology. There are no sectional time limits and candidates can switch between sections freely.

Additionally, 12 extra questions are provided after completing the main paper. Attempting these questions is optional and has to be finished within the 3 hour limit.

BITSAT Marking Scheme

Question Category Marks
Correct Answer +3
Incorrect Answer -1
Unattempted 0

The BITSAT marking scheme allots +3 marks for each correct response. Meanwhile, -1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer. Unattempted questions receive zero marks. There is no negative marking in the additional 12 questions.

How to Use BITSAT Previous Papers

BITSAT previous year question papers with solutions are provided by coaching institutes in the form of memory-based sets. Utilize them efficiently by:

  • Taking the papers in 1 go under exam conditions
  • Calculating your score to check preparation level
  • Analyzing the solutions to identify weaknesses
  • Improving speed and accuracy
  • Understanding exam pattern and difficulty range

Additionally, the papers give clarity on important topics and types of questions asked from each section.

Section-wise Preparation Tips

Apart from the core subjects, candidates must also prepare for English proficiency and logical reasoning sections:

  • Practice previous exam papers for English grammar, vocabulary, comprehension
  • Refer to NCERT textbooks of Classes 11 and 12
  • For reasoning, solve general intelligence questions from previous papers
  • Increase speed and accuracy on topics like analogy, classification, deductions

Consistent and comprehensive preparation as per previous papers improves score across all BITSAT exam sections.


Solving previous year papers helps you master important BITSAT exam aspects - questions types, difficulty range, scoring patterns and time management. Additionally, use them to identify preparation levels and knowledge gaps for improvement before the final test.


Q1: How many questions are there in the BITSAT exam?

A1: There are 150 compulsory multiple choice questions in BITSAT exam. Additionally, 12 extra optional questions are provided after completing the main paper.

Q2: What is the BITSAT 2023 exam pattern?

A2: BITSAT is a 3 hour computer-based test with 150 questions covering Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Logical Reasoning and English language skills. There are no sectional time limits.

Q3: How are marks calculated in BITSAT?

A3: Every right answer gets 3 marks. 1 mark is deducted per wrong response. Unattempted questions receive 0 marks. The additional 12 questions have no negative marking.

Q4: Are BITSAT previous papers helpful for preparation?

A4: Yes, solving past papers improves speed, accuracy, time management and gives understanding of important topics, question types and difficulty level.

Q5: How to prepare for English and reasoning sections?

A5: Practice previous exam papers of these sections. Refer NCERT books for English. Attempt general intelligence reasoning questions for improved performance.

Q6: Does BITSAT have any sectional cut-offs?

A6: No, BITSAT does not have any sectional cut-offs. Candidates can attempt questions from any section at their convenience within the 3 hour duration.